Delphi diesel injectors cover almost 1.5 million light-duty Ford trucks (F-250 to F-550) — representing more than 10 million injectors in the field.Five of the six injectors are 7.3-liter HEUI (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors), with another (EX635072) offering the latest
common rail technology for 6.4L engines. During remanufacture, each injector is completely
disassembled, cleaned and examined for wear and breakage. After all critical components and worn-out or nonfunctioning parts are replaced with new parts, each injector is reassembled and tested to OE standards for compliance in fuel delivery, injection pressure and timing.

More than 60 years of Delphi OE manufacturing expertise in the most advanced diesel fuel injection systems ensures that each injector meets OE specifications and performance. Delphi’s diesel injectors are priced competitively, and the Ford coverage will be followed by GM and Dodge releases later in the year.

Delphi is proud of its OE heritage, its strong customer focus, and its long-term relationships worldwide. Our customers in North America include many of the leading original equipment manufacturers such as Volvo, Mack Trucks, PACCAR, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, CNH and AGCO. Delphi offers top quality parts that you can use with the same confidence that manufacturers have in our original equipment applications. Our aftermarket line is designed to provide our customers with a wide range of products that will satisfy any need you may have, whether you’re looking for a quality replacement part or want to upgrade to the best part available. Delphi is setting the standards in diesel technology servicing on and off highway,
marine, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. We concentrate on providing a complete service, not just in developing new products, but also in diagnostics and repair. We offer you a comprehensive choice of diesel fuel system repair parts, pumps, injectors, emission components, rotating electrics, electronic products, thermal products, sensors, fuel additives, remanufactured injectors, test equipment and diagnostic tools. Delphi Diesel’s superior remanufacturing expertise gained from years of partnership with major OE manufacturers makes us the perfect choice to produce remanufactured products for fuel, electronic and hydraulic components.
Highly trained technicians and engineers remanufacture and functionally test all products in our U.S. ISO9001:2008 certified and TS compliant facility to ensure the highest quality.


1022014 EX630957
1026230 EX630958
1026236 EX630956
1034562 EX630957
1095038 EX630956
1165414 EX630967
1165425 EX630968
1165426 EX630961
1170481 EX630956
1170482 EX630957
1171146 EX630958
1171148 EX630958
1187929 EX630956
1188010 EX630957
1189027 EX630956
1189030 EX630957
1189035 EX630958
1260499 EX639349
1317150 EX639349
1372500 EX630963
1408951 EX630956
1408993 EX630957
1417837 EX639350
1459360 EX639348
1470373 EX630963
1523680 EX630958
1561011 EX630968
1592479 EX630957
1592631 EX630956
1602303 EX630963
1611785 EX630967
1731012 EX639348
1731013 EX639350
1734059 EX639349
1734566 EX639348
1739267 EX639348
1739268 EX639348
1739272 EX639350
1739379 EX639348
1761145 EX630958
1774754 EX630782
1780198 EX630782
1780199 EX630782
1913002 EX630956
1913003 EX630957
1913004 EX630958
1945083 EX630963
1961401 EX639349
1964229 EX639350
1977107 EX630781
1986605 EX630781
1996065 EX630781
2051285 EX630782
2113022 EX630956
2113023 EX630957
2113024 EX630958
2113027 EX630958
2123462 EX630967
2123463 EX630963
2123464 EX630725
2123465 EX630961
2123466 EX630968
2225926 EX630781
2225965 EX639348
2225966 EX630781
2225967 EX639349
2225972 EX639350
0R4118 EX630958
0R4119 EX630957
0R4300 EX630957
0R4331 EX630957
0R4332 EX630956
0R4668 EX630958
0R4893 EX630958
0R4894 EX630957
0R4895 EX630956
0R4987 EX630967
0R4988 EX630968
0R8773 EX630963
0R9256 EX630956
0R9257 EX630957
0R9348 EX639348
0R9349 EX639349
0R9350 EX639350
10R0725 EX630725
10R0781 EX630781
10R0782 EX630782
10R0956 EX630956
10R0957 EX630957
10R0958 EX630958
10R0961 EX630961
10R0963 EX630963
10R0967 EX630967
10R0968 EX630968
10R2780 EX630958
10R2781 EX630957
10R2782 EX630956
10R8501 EX630957
10R8502 EX630958

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