Cat repairability injectors

Code Model Application 100-2825 0R3650 3600 MUI 100-6746 0R4149 3500DA EUI 100-6930 0R3743 3500 MUI 100-7558 0R4339 3406B 100-7559 0R4340 3306 100-7564 0R8783 3306C 101-1619 0R9595 3176B 101-8673 0R4374 3116 102-2014 10R2781 3500 MUI 102-2104 0R4119 102-2266 0R9596 3176B 102-2267 0R9596 3176B 102-6230 10R2780 3406/C15 102-6236 10R2782 3406/C15 103-4562 0R4300 3406E/C15 104-3377 0R8786 3406C 104-7897…

Rabotti Heui 100

Carries out functional tests and checks on HEUI injectors with automatic adjustable values, up to 450 bar! Internet connection for updates and assistance/consultation. Software “easy to use” in all foreseen test steps. Heui injector capable list: Caterpillar engine: 3126B, 3400E, C7, C9 Ford engine: 7.3L powerstroke Navistar engine: DT466e, DT530e

Hydraulic Injector Comparator HA230

The Hydraulic Injector Comparator HA230 is a stand-alone machine designed to test hydraulically actuated electronically controlled injectors (HEUI). It features a graduate metering system and comprehensive electronic controls, enabling a full range of tests to be performed on up to 4 injectors at a time. The machine incorporates a single test oil supply, temperature controlled,…

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