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Diesel Particulate Filters are extremely effective at controlling the output of harmful emissions from diesel engines by trapping diesel particulate matter (PM) and allowing it to combust into carbon dioxide. The composition of PM is mainly soot (carbon), but will also contain lube oil ash, hydrocarbons and sulfur oxides. In properly working DPFs, visible soot is virtually eliminated from tailpipe exhaust.

ROADWARRIOR DPFs contain a cordierite filter with alternately plugged channels. The exhaust gas is forced to flow through the filter walls, trapping particulate matter such as soot, hydrocarbons, and lube oil ash, and allowing exhaust gas to pass through. As this particulate matter collects on the walls of the filter channels, a periodic regeneration takes place to burn off the trapped soot by an increase in DPF temperature. This regeneration is accomplished through a thermal management strategy that is incorporated into most 2007 and later model year heavy duty diesel engines.

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