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Brief history of REDAT S.p.A.
REDAT S.p.A. was established in 1966 and we focused our activity on the Diesel and Turbocharger spare parts market. The current premises are in Villastellone, in the Turin outskirts, where we moved from down town in 1995, because of the needs of an expanded production.

Redat S.p.A. has branches in the most important World markets and we represent GARRETT by HONEYWELL and BORGWARNER-KKK-SCHWITZER, the major World turbocharger manufacturers, and, thanks to the experience accumulated along the years, we also detain our own patents for turbocharger balancing equipment technology.

Redat S.p.A. is a dynamic and continually evolving company, in order to be always close to the demands of our customers, assuring high quality standards and qualified personnel, thanks to a perfect mix of the experience of the more mature employees, in force at Redat by several years, and the skills and dynamism of the younger colleagues who joined the team in the recent years.

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