Caterpillar precision seals

Caterpillar Precision Seals (CPS) is the leading manufacturer of metal face seals. Metal face seals address difficult sealing applications – applications where radial-lip type elastomeric seals would fail. During the late 1950’s, manufacturers of earthmoving equipment needed a new type of seal to improve lubricant retention on undercarriage components immersed in hostile, abrasive, and corrosive environments where elastomeric shaft seals quickly wore out. Two new seal designs were created which permanently sealed the undercarriage components. These are referred to as “Metal Face Seals”. Developed for protection of equipment working in the most adverse conditions…mud, rock, sand, and water…desert heat and arctic cold, metal face seals provide lubricant retention and exclude contaminates in all applications. Forty years of experience across all types of conditions have proven a long service life with low maintenance and superior protection for your products. CPS offers two types of metal face seals – DuoCone and DF (Heavy Duty Dual Face). Both seal designs use elastomeric load rings to provide loading for the metal component. Both designs use the contact area between the metal sealing rings to create a static and dynamic seal. The difference between the seal designs lies primarily in the shape of the elastomeric load rings. Duo-Cone seals incorporate a round toric ring while HDDF seals use a Belleville Washer. The Duo-Cone seal trades additional housing preparation for a larger end-play capability versus the HDDF style seal.


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