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Use this tool to find filter CAT p/n from another brand p/n.
Eg: use code P554005 (donaldson) to find 1R0716.


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No matter when or where Cat filters are purchased they have the same consistent high quality. Because Cat filters are made better, they provide consistent performance to protect your engine, drive train, and hydraulic systems. While other brands may fit, Cat filters offer the superior quality and protection you need to maximize your engine and other component system’s life. When you see inside a Cat filter, the difference is clear. The advanced design features found in Cat filters combine to deliver maximum filtration efficiency and the protection you need to get the most out of your machine.

Filters & Fluid Application Guide link.

Media Number Description Type of Product Type of Media
PEHP9554 Cat® DEAC™ Coolant Datasheet
PEHJ0067 Cat® ELC™ Coolant Datasheet
PEHJ0263 Cat® ELI™ Coolant Datasheet
PEHJ0040 Cat® NGEC™ Coolant Datasheet
Media Number Description Type of Product Type of Media
PEHP6047 Cat® Bio HYDO™ Advanced Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0021 Cat® DEO™ (Worldwide except North America, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil) Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0091 Cat® DEO™ (Egypt & Saudi Arabia) Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0059 Cat® DEO™ (North America) Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP0093 Cat® DEO™ (Monograde) Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0159 Cat® DEO-ULS™ Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0008 Cat® DEO-ULS™ Cold Weather Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP9530 Cat® FDAO™ Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP9570 Cat® FDAO SYN™ Lubricant Datasheet
HEHS3003 Cat® Fluids: Oils (Asia and Europe, Africa, Middle East) Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP7508 Cat® GO Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0182 Cat® HYDO™ Advanced 10 Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0214 Cat® HYDO™ Advanced 30 Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP3050 Cat® MTO Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP0004 Cat® NGEO™ Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0218 Cat® NGEO™ Advanced 40 (Pakistan) Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP9574 Cat® NGEO™ EL250 Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0006 Cat® NGEO™ EL350 Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0030 Cat® Synthetic GO Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP7506 Cat® TDTO™ Lubricant Datasheet
PEHJ0007 Cat® TDTO™ Cold Weather Lubricant Datasheet
PEHP8035 Cat® TDTO-TMS™ Lubricant Datasheet
Media Number Description Type of Product Type of Media
PEHP0002 Cat® Advanced 3Moly Grease Grease Datasheet
NEHP6011 Cat® Arctic Platinum™ Grease Grease Datasheet
NEHP6012 Cat® Desert Gold™ Grease Grease Datasheet
PEHJ0267 Cat® Generator Grease Grease Datasheet
NEHP6015 Cat® High Speed Ball Bearing Grease Datasheet
PEHJ0255 Cat® Hydrauilc Hammer Paste Grease Datasheet
PEHJ0088 Cat® Multipurpose Grease Grease Datasheet
PEHJ0264 Cat® Multipurpose Marine Grease Datasheet
NEHP6010 Cat® Ultra 5Moly Grease Grease Datasheet
Media Number Description Type of Product Type of Media
PEHJ0068 Cat® Advanced Efficiency Engine Oil Filters Datasheet
PEHP9013 Cat® Air Filter Service Indicator Air Filters Datasheet
PEHJ0156 Cat® Bulk Fuel Filtration System Fuel Filters Datasheet
PEHJ0092 Cat® Cabin Air Filters Air Filters Datasheet
PEHJ0082 Cat® Fuel Water Separators and PrimeTime™ Priming Pumps Fuel Filters Datasheet
PEHJ0069 Cat® Hydraulic and Transmission Filters Hydraulic and Power Train Datasheet
PEHJ0165 Cat® Open Crankcase Ventilation Filters Power Train Filters Datasheet
PEHJ0198 Cat® Preventive Maintenance Products for Cat Natural Gas Engines Filters Datasheet
PEHP7032 Cat® Radial Seal Air Filters Air Filters Datasheet
PEHJ0251 Cat® Transmission Filters Transmission Filters Datasheet
PEHP7077 Cat® Turbine PreCleaners Air Filters Datasheet
PEHP6028 Cat® UHE Air Filters Air Filters Datasheet
LEDQ6225 Cat® The Inside Story: Cat Fuel, Oil, and Transmission Filters Brochure

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