Caterpillar classic parts

Cat Classic Parts are engineered to industry standard specifications rather than Caterpillar proprietary standards for tolerance, materials and heat treatment. At the same time, they are designed to offer the same form, fit and function as original-production Cat parts. The result is lower-priced parts that perform at a greater level than or equal to any other available aftermarket option.

Will-fit aftermarket parts:
• Are reverse engineered without knowledge of Caterpillar specifications
• Have limited quality control
• Offer an incomplete product line Caterpillar engineers know the equipment better than any aftermarket supplier.

Cat Classic Parts are:
• Designed as part of an entire product line, not as individual parts
• Tested for metallurgical and dimensional specifications prior to release
• Manufactured only by approved suppliers, conforming to Caterpillar processes
• Backed by the standard Caterpillar parts warranty

This eliminates what could be costly experimentation with non-genuine parts, and ensures that you are purchasing high-quality products. Whether for maintenance, simple repairs, top-end or
major overhauls, Cat Classic Parts can help you better manage owning and operating costs as your engines continue to age.

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