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CATERPILLAR has awarded Bonfiglioli SQEP [Supplier Quality Excellence Program] certification

Bonfiglioli Riduttori has been supplying the Caterpillar Group for many years. Caterpillar is an extremely important customer for the Bonfiglioli Group; in 2008 alone Bonfiglioli sales to the Caterpillar reached 25 million Euros.

Relations between the two companies have been consolidated over the years and are based on mutual faith and a genuine desire to tackle the latest challenges presented by increasingly complex and varied needs.

CAT recently developed its SQEP quality programme to select, evaluate and certify partners. Bonfiglioli, already one of the CAT Group’s most strategic suppliers, is one of the companies to have been awarded certification.

SQEP certification represents prestigious recognition by Caterpillar that Bonfiglioli’s performance in the fields of sales, manufacturing, design, logistics and quality has achieved the highest level of excellence.

The award ceremony took place on the 14th December 2009. Massimo Pini, Caterpillar’s global purchasing manager for hydraulic products, handed two SQEP plaques to Bonfiglioli’s Chairman Clementino Bonfiglioli, CEO Sonia Bonfiglioli and Fausto Carboni, General Manager of Bonfiglioli’s Mobile and Wind BU. The plaques are now on display at Bonfiglioli’s Forlì plant and in the offices of its USA subsidiary.

SQEP certification has been achieved thanks to a thorough process of analysis and improvement of Bonfiglioli’s internal processes. The success of this process also demonstrates that Bonfiglioli is able to cater for customer requirements and turn their needs into new opportunities for growth for the entire group.

The best way to succeed in a changing market is to grow with customers, to understand their changing needs and to find ways to improve accordingly. We are proud to have become one of Caterpillar’s elite suppliers. We are, however, well aware that we must not only maintain our current high standards, but strive to improve them as part of a process of continuous refinement of our organisation and our production.

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