Acronyms: A Listing
A Air
A Ampere
A Assembly
A&SP Advertising and Sales Promotion
A/C Air Conditioning
A/C Div Caterpillar Aircraft Division
A/F Asbestos Free
A/F Air Fuel Ratio
A/P Accounts Payable
A/T After Treatment
A/T Device Completed assembly, DPF unit, filter section, sensor box assembly including sensors and tubing, inlet and outlets
AA Arithmetic Average
AAC Air After Cooling (Water)
AAO Acid Alkaline Oil Drain
AAT Ambient Air Temperature
AB Administration Building
ABC Accelerated Basic Courses
ABC Activity Based Costing
ABC Automatic Blade Control
ABLO Auto Bleed Leak Off
ABM Assistant Business Manager
ABMR Activity Based Management Reporting
ABP Annual Business Plan
ABRS Abrasion
AR Abrasion Resistant
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
ABS Automatic Braking System
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
AC Alternating Current
ACC Accessory
ACCEL Acceleration
ACCLRM Accelerometer
ACCUM Accumulator
ACLTR Accelerator
ACE Advanced Composition Explorer
ACD Auxilliary Cooling Device
ACE Advanced Computing Environments
ACE Adverse Channel Enhancements
ACE Agricultural Communicators in Education
ACE American Council (on) Education
ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
ACE Antarctic Current Experiment
ACE Attitude Control Electronics
ACE Australian College of Educators
ACE Automatic Calibration and Equalization
ACE Automatic Calling Equipment
ACE Automatic Computing Engine
ACERT Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology
ACF2 Access Control Facility
ACK Accounting Control Key
ACK Acknowledgements
ACL Access Control List
ACL Adept Command Language
ACL Air Cleaner
ACL Analyst Call List
ACR Assembly Conformance Reporting
ACRONY Alphabetically Contrived Reduction Of Nouns Yielding Mnemonics
ACS Access
ACS Application Check Sheet
ACT Advance Cold Test
ACT Advance Concept Team
ACT Active
ACT Actuation
ACTL Actual
ACTR Actuator
ADA Americans with Disability Act
ADC Analogue to Digital Converter
ADCO Advance Design Change Order
ADD Addendum
ADDL Additional
ADE Application Development Environment
ADEI Application Development Environment Implementation
ADEM Advanced Diesel Engine Management
ADF Peterborough Information Screen
ADJ Adjust
ADJ Adjuster
ADJ Adjustable
ADJ Adjustment
ADJG Adjusting
ADT Adjacent
ADTR Articulated Dump Truck
ADPTR Adapter
AE/DM Authoring Environment Domain Model
AEC Automatic Engine Speed Control
AECD Auxiliary Emissions Control Device
AEIS Automatic Ether Injection System
AEM Association of Equipment Manufacturers
AEM Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturer
AERA Additional Early Retirement Allowance
AESC Automatic Engine Speed Control
AESOP Approved Employee Share Option Plan
AET Applications of Engineering Technology
AETA Automatic Electronic Traction Aid
AFA Applied Failure Analysis
AFNOR Association Francaise De Normalisation
AFR Air Fuel Ratio
AFRC Air Fuel Ratio Control
AFTCLR Aftercooler
AGGR Aggregate
AGR Agriculture
AHC Agricultural Hitch Control
AHS Autonomous Haulage System
AI Accommodation Invoice
AI Artificial Intelligence
AI Additional Instructions
AI Application Implementation
AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group
AIF Auxiliary Information File
AIH Air Inlet Heater
AIM Administration Instruction
AIM Availability & Inventory Management
AIMS A (cluster) – Information Management System
AIS Assembly Inf. System, Advance Inf. System
AISI American Iron and Steel Institute
AIT Air Inlet Temperature
AJS Automated Job Scheduler
ALC Alcohol
ALF Aft Looking Forward
ALG Angling
ALIGNT Alignment
ALLOW Allowance
ALM Alarm Module
ALT Assembly and Logistics Technology
ALT Alternator
ALT Altitude
ALTN Alternate
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMB Ambient
AMD Authorised Marine Dealer
AMM Ammeter
AMOCS Advanced Modular Cooling System (Radiator)
AMP Ampere
AMPL Amplifier
AMS Assembly Material Status
AMT Advanced Materials Technology
AMT Automated Machine Translations
AMT Automated Manufacturing Technology
AMT Autonomous Mining Truck
AM Tool Application Management Tool
AMV After Market View
AN/C Advanced Notification/Communication
ANC Active Noise Control
ANC Advance Notification of Change
ANLG Analog
ANN Annunciator
ANOVA Analysis of Variance
ANS Advance Shipping Notices
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANT Antenna
ANTARE Parts ordering System
ANTIFRZ Antifreeze
AOA Advance Order Action
AOALT Advance on Altitude
AOC Assembly Operation Card
AOCT Advance on Coolant Temperature
AODC Area Operating Decision Cost
AOE Area Of Excellence
AOQ Abnormal Order Quantity
AOSS Advance on Steady State
AP Accounts Payable
APA After Paint Assembly
APAC Asia Pacific Region
APD Asia Pacific Division
APG Arizona Proving Ground
API American Petroleum Institute
API All Parts International
API Antares Parts Invoicing
API Application Programming Interface
APIC American Inventory Control Authority
APL Asia Pacific Learning
APM Asia Pacific Marketing
APN Alternate Part Name
APO Antares Parts Ordering System
APO Asia Pacific Operations
APPD Approved
APPL Advance Production Parts List
APPL Application
APPROX Approximate
APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning
APR April
APS Advanced Product Services
APS Advanced Planning System
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AQA Advanced Quality Action
AQA Assembly Quality Analysis
AQI Annual Quality Improvement
AQL Acceptable Quality Level
AQP Advance Quality Planning
AQR Assembly Quality Report
AR Arrangement
ARC Automatic Retarder Control
ARD Auxiliary Regeneration Device
ARES Advanced Reciprocating Engines Systems
ARF Auto Reverse Fan
ARIZ Algorithm for Inventive Problem-Solving
ARM Armature
ART Articulated
ARTWK Artwork
ARS Action Request System
AS Assembly
AS Assignment Sheet
AS Application System
ASA Application Severity Analysis (Software)
ASAE American Society of Agricutural Engineers
ASAP Alternative Supplier Approval Procedures
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASC Applicaton Support Center
ASCII Amercian Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASD Advaced Systems Division
ASI Assembly and Shipping Instructions
ASIMCO Asian Strategic Investments Corporation
ASM Automated Storage Management
ASM Area Sales Manager
ASME American Society for Mechanical Engineers
ASN Advance shipping Notices
ASOS Air Shut Off Solenoid
ASPAC Asia Pacific
ASPH Asphalt
ASQ American Society for Quality
ASR Air Shutoff Relay
ASR Anti-Slip Regulation
ASRS Automatic Storage Retrieval System
ASSC Authorized Sales & Service Centres
ASSY Assembly
AST Asynchronous System Traps
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
ASWC Air Shielded Water Cooled
ATA American Trucking Association
ATA After Tests Attachments
ATAAC Air to Air After Cooled
ATB AC Transformer Box
ATC All-Terrain Crane
ATCH Attachment
ATD Analysis Tool Development
ATDC After Top Dead Centre
ATI Arbor Text Inc
ATL Asia Trak (Tianjin) Limited
ATM Agricultural Tractor Monitor
ATM Atmosphere
ATP Available to Promise
ATS Advance Technical Systems (after Test)
ATS After Test Assembly
ATS Assembly Tracking System
ATS Automatic Tracking System – Used in Accugrade (Grade Control)
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch
ATSO A-Time Share Option
ATTN Attention
AUG August
AUTO Automatic
AUX Auxiliary
AVC Additional Voluntary Contributions
AVG Average
AVID Added Value in Design
AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator
AWCS Automated Warehouse Control System
AWD All Wheel Drive
AWG American Wire Gage
AWS All Wheel Steer
AWS American Welding Society
AZD Achieving Zero Defects
Acronyms: B Listing
B Bytes (B, kB, MB, GB)
B – Ground
B/C Budget Centre
B/D Bull Dozer
B/L Bill of Lading
B/M Bill of Material
B+ A positive source of battery power
BAB Babbitt
BACT Best Available Current Technology
BAEB Bituminous & Aggregate Equipment Bureau
BAFF Baffle
BAG Bookbuild Autmated Generation
BAL Balance
BAO Base Art Object
BAR Unit for measuring pressure
BAT Belted Ag Tractor
BATT Battery
BATNEEC Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost
BB Black Belt
BBDC Before Bottom Dead Center
BBR Battery-backed RAM
BBRam Battery-backed RAM
BBS Bulletin Board System
BBSDM Building Blocks Standard Data Mask
BCC Backwards Curved Centrifugal
BCL Building Customer Loyalty
BCP Building and Construction Products
BCPD Building Construction Products Division
BCY Banked Cubic Yard
BDC Bottom Dead Centre
BDE British Department of Environment
BDI Battery Discharge Indicator
BDM Business Development Manager
BDS Business Development Services
BDY Boundry
BE Both Ends
BE Business Excellence
BE SAP Business Excellence Strategic Action Plan
BEA Boundary Element Analysis
BETW Between
BEV Bevel
BHD Bulkhead
BHL Backhoe Loader
BHN Brinell Hardness Number
BHP Brake Horsepower
BIC Best In Class
BIC Business Information Centre
BIG Business Intelligence Group
BIMS Information Management System
BIG Business Intelligence Group
BIS Business Information System
BITS Basic Inventory Time Solver
BJA Bolted Joint Analysis
BK Brake
BK Black
BK AIR PR Brake Air Pressure
BK OIL PR Brake Oil Pressure
BK OIL TEMP Brake Oil Temperature
BKDN Breakdown
BKHO Backhoe
BKO Breakout
BKRST Backrest
BKSVR Brakesaver
BKT Bucket
BKUP Backup
BKWD Backward
BKW Brake Kilo Watt (Engine output)
BL Blast
BL Blower
BLK Block
BLD Blade
BLD Build
BLDG Building
BLU Blue
BM Boom
BM Business Manger
BMCM Bill of Material Consist and Prices
BMDB Bill of Material Database
BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BMMN Bill of Material Indicative Database
BMNO Bill of Material Notes
BMPR Bumper
BAR Business Management Report
BMR Build Material Request
BMS Business Management System
BND Bonded
BNR Billed Not Received
BNR Burner
BO Blow Off
BOC Building Operations Centre
BOD Bill Of Distribution
BOF Bought Out Finished
BOL Bowl
BOL Bill of Lading
BOM Bill of Materials
BOMCN Bill of Material Chance NOte
BOR Bought Out Rough
BOT Bottom
BOY Balance of Year
BP Business Process
BPIC British Inventory Control Authority
BPP Beyound Perkins Parts
BPSC Business Process Security Controls
BPSI Business Process Simplification and Improvement
BPT Business Plan Tracking
BR Brinell
BR Brown
BRC Brace
BRC Business Resource Centre
BRDG Bridge
BRG Bearing
BRM Business Risk Managment
BRKR Breaker
BRKT Bracket
BRP Business Resumption Planning
BRPS Business Resumption Plan Status
BRT BAG Reporting Tool
BRTHR Breather
BRZ Bronze
BS Balance Sheet
BS British Standard
BS Brown Sharp Gauge
BSAU British Standards Automobile Series
BSC Basic
BSC Balanced Scorecard
BSFC Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
BSHG Bushing
BSI British Standards Institute
BSOC Brake Specific Oil Consumption
BSOC Business Strategy, Objectives and Constraints
BSP British Standard Pipe Thread
BSSB Building Services Standby
BSSB Before Shipping Stand By
BST Booster
BTC Before Top Centre
BTDC Before Top Dead Centre
BTM Brushless Torque Motor
BTRT Bottom of Top Ring Travel
BTRY Battery
BTSO B-Time Share Option
BTU British Thermal Unit
BU Bargaining Unit
BU Business Unit
BUC Business Unit Council
BUCR Business Unit Constraints Review
BV Bureau Veritas
BVMS Business Value Management Services
BW Birmingham Wire
BWG Birmingham Wire Gage
BWI Brush Wear Indicator
BX Building Xcessory
BYP Bypass
BYPC Bypass Closed
BYPO Bypass Open
Acronyms: C Listing
C Programming Language
C Co
C-TO-C Centre to Centre
C++ An extension to C Programming Language
C&TS Computer and Technical Services
C/F Case to Frame
C/R Camfer/Radius of Compression Ratio
C2C Cat to the Core
CA Competitive Allowance
CA Cost Allowance
CA Competitive Advantage
CA Team Competitive Advantage Team
CAI Communication Adapter 1
CAII Communication Adapter 2
CAAP Crusader Alternate Allison Powerpack
CAC Charge Air Cooler
CACD Corporate Audit & Compliance Division
CACL Caterpillar Attachments Canada Ltd.
CACO Cat America Co.
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAES Computer Aided Earthmoving System
CAF Core Acceptance Family
CAFE Computer Aided Facility Engineering
CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAL Caterpillar Asia Limited
CAL Calibrate
CALC Calculate
CALS Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAM Camshaft
CAMDR Camdrive
CAMP Camshaft Position Sensor
CAMPAR Computer Aided Marketing PAR
CAMSH Camshaft
CAMU Concurrent Assembly Mock Up
CAN Canopy
CAN Contract Amendment Note
CAN Controller Area Network
CANC Canceled
CANMET Canada Center for Mineral and Energy Technology
CAP Capacity
CAP Cost Avoidance Potential
CAP Caterpillar Agricultural Products Inc.
CAP Customer Alliance Program Cost Avoidance Potential
CAPL Caterpillar Asia Pte. Ltd.
CAPP Corp. Accounts Parts Purchases
CAPP+ Computer Aided Process Planning
CaPS Casting Process Simulator
CAPS Caterpillar Attachment Products and Services
CAPS Corp. Account Payable System
CAPT Computer Programs for Design
CAPT Computer Aided Product Technology
CAR Corrective Action Report
CAR Corrective Action Request
CARB California Air Regulation Board
CARB California Air Resources Board
CARB California Emission Regulations
CARB Carburetor
CARBZ Carburize
CARP Crusader Alternate Rank Powerpack
CARR Carriage
CARS Caterpillar Account Registration System
CAT Caterpillar Inc
CAT ET Caterpillar  Electronic Technician
CAT PAC Caterpillar Employee Political Action Committee
CAT PC Caterpillar Engine Power Connection
CATS Cost Activity Tracking System
CB Centre Ball
CB Circuit Breaker
CB Citizen Band
CB Counter Balance
CBC Customer Business Centre
CBE Corporate Brand Equity Division
CBHT Centre Ball Hydraulic Tilt
CBL Caterpillar Brazil Ltd.
CBL Cable
CBM Critical Business Measures
CBMT Centre Ball Manual Tilt
CBORE Counterbore
CBP CAT Branded Products
CBR Critical Business Requirements
CBR Case Based Reasoning
CBRAT Case Based Reasoning Authoring Tool
CBS Corporate Business System
CBSA Caterpillar Brazil South America
CBSA Caterpillar Belgium S.A.
CBT Computer Based Training
CBT Critical To Business
CBU Completely Built Up
CC Cable Control
CC Contamination Control
CC Critical Characteristics
CCA Cat – Claas America
CCA Cold Cranking Amps
CCAC Combine Circuit Aftercooler
CCB Closed Circuit Breather
CCC Customer Communication Component
CCC Customer Competency Centre
CCCA Corporate Customer Code Administration
CCE Cat – Claas Europe
CCE Claas Caterpillar Europe
CCE Compact Construction Equipment
CCG Canadian Coast Guard
CCI Caterpillar (China) Investment Co. Ltd.
CCII Newsgroup cat.comp.intranet.issues
CCL Caterpillar China Ltd.
CCM Customer Communication Module
CCO Customer Care Officer
CCP Can Calibration Protocol
CCR Critical Customer Requirements
CCR Caterpillar Certified Rebuild
CCR Compact Common Rail
CCRT Catalytic Continuously Regenerated Trap (DOC & Catalysed PM Trap)
CCS China Classification Society
CCS Command Control Steering
CCS Customised (Customized) Coverage System
CCV Closed Crankcase Ventilation
CCW Counter Clock Wise
CCY Compacted Cubic Yard
CD Caterpillar Defence
CD Common Drawn
CD Compact Disk
CD ROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
CDA Content Display Application
CDA Caterpillar Diagnostic Advisor
CDE Customised Data Entry
CDF Cumulative Density Function
CDI Contract Distribution Incorporated
CDID Customer Dealer Indicative Data System
CDIM Corporate Disciplined Issue management
CDIS Cat. Dlr. Information System
CDL CAT Data Link
CDL Commercial Drivers License
CDM Construction & Design Management
CDM Cool Database Manager
CDMS Conversion Data Management System
CDP Career Development Process
CDP Caterpillar Defence Products
CDPF Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter
CDOP Caterpillar Defence Operating Procedure
CDRILL Counterdrill
CDSA-PC Common Data Standards Assembly PC
CDSW-PC Common Data Standards Weld PC
CDSw-V Common Data Standards Weld VAX
CDVR Caterpillar Digital Voltage Regulator
CE Caterpillar Environment
CE Certified European
CEAP Caterpillar Educational Assistance Program.
CEBIS Combine Electronic Board Information System
CEC Commission of the European Communities
CECE Committee for European Construction Equipment
CECR Combine Electronic Board Information System
CEI Clean Exhaust Induction
CEL Call and Event Logging
CEMC Caterpillar Employees Motorsports Club
CEMS Continuous Monitoring System
CEMS Corporate Enterprise Mailbox System
CENG Control Engineer
CENT Central
CENTFG Centrifuge
CENN Caterpillar Employee News Network
CEOPS Corporate Engine Orders Processing System
CEOS Configuration Electronic Options Sign Off
CEP CAT Electric Power
CEP CAT Expanded Products
CEPL Caterpillar Elphinstone Pty. Ltd.
CEPR Chief Engineer Program Review
CER Capital Expenditure Request
CER Certified Engine Rebuild
CERT Certification
CES Caterpillar Export Services
CET Caterpillar Environment Technology
CET Customer Equipment Training
CF Cold Finished
CFA Consolidated Financial Analysis
CFAL Caterpillar Financial Australia Limited
CFB Carbon Free Depth
CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFEL Cat. Far East Limited
CFL Custom Finishing List
CFLG Center Flange
CFM Code Fragment Manager
CFPI-SL Caterpillar Forest Products Incorporated – Sweden
CFRC Caterpillar Financial Receivables Corp.
CFS Caterpillar Financial Service
CFS Cold Finished Surface
CFS Corporate Financial Services
CFSA Caterpillar France S.A.
CFSC Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
CFSK Caterpillar Financial Services Korea Ltd.
CFSL Caterpillar Financial Services Limited
CG Compacted Graphite
CG+S Customer Growth and Satisfaction
CGCM Caterpillar Global Change Model
CGD Caterpillar Guided Diagnostics
CGDS Caterpillar Global Directory Service
CGI Clean Gas Induction
CGI Compacted Graphite Iron
CGI Core & Growth Industries
CGI Cooled Gas Induction (emissions reduction system)
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGS Corporate Gauge System
CGT College Graduate Trainee
CHAM Chamfer
CHAMB Chamber
CHAR Character
CHAS Chassis
CHG Change
CHGD Changed
CHL Caterpillar Hungary Limited
CHK Check
CHP Combined Heat & Power
CHRG Charging
CHUK Chuck
CI Calibration Instruction
CI Compression Ignition
CI Continuous Improvement
CID Component Identifier / Identification
CIDB Customer Information Database
CIDS Critical Item Definition Specification
CIF Contractors Indemnity Form
CIF Cost Insurance and Freight
CIF Customs Insurance and Freight
CII Caterpillar Industrial Inc.
CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing
CIM Customer Interface Module
CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
CIMA Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
CIML Caterpillar Investment Management Ltd.
CIN Customer Information Network
CIP Cost and Insurance to Port
CIP Carriage and Insurance to Port
CIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
CIPI Caterpillar Industrial Products Inc.
CIPL Caterpillar Impact Products Ltd.
CIPL Caterpillar India Private Limited
CIRC Circle
CIRC Circular
CIRT Corporate Issue and Resolution Tracking
CIS Commonwealth of Independent states
CIS Corporate Information Services
CIS Cost Information Services
CIS Cost Information Systems
CITA Caterpillar Information Technology Architecture
CKD Complete Knock Down
CKP Crankshaft Position
CKT Circuit
CL Class
CL Clutch
CLC China Learning Center
CLD Corporate Literature Distribution
CLEC Centralised Legal Entity Control
CLG Cooling
CLIBD Corporate Logistics Information Data Base
CLIRS Corporate Logistics Information Reporting System
CLMS Caterpillar Learning Management System
CLMSH Clam Shell
CLNR Cleaner
CLNR Clearance
CLS Caterpillar Logistics Services
CLS Coolant Level Sensor
CLR Cooler
CLUES Caterpillar Look Up Everyone System
CM Centimeter
CMA Content Management Application
CMA Complete Machine Arrangement
CMB Centre Mounted Balancer
CMB Combination
CMB Combiner
CMC Caterpillar Moldboard Control
CMDS Caterpillar Machine Diagnostic System
CMI Component Module Identifier
CMIPS Corporate Miscellaneous Invoice Processing System
CMIS Core Management Information System
CMLS Corp. Mail List System
CMLS Caterpillar Learning Management System
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine
CMM Customised Maintenance Management
CMM Customized Maintenance Management/ Coordinate Measuring Machine
CMMI CITIC Machinery Manufacturing Inc
CMMS Component Manufacturing & Marketing Services
CMO Cast Metals Organisation
CMOPS Corporate Machine Orders Processing System
CMP Camshaft Position
CMP Custom Machine Product
CMPN Companion
CMPNT Component
CMR Caterpillar Materials Routiers S. A.
CMS Computerised Monitoring System
CMS Capital Management System
CMS Certificate in Management Studies
CMS Corporate Mailbox System
CMS Cost Management System
CMSII Computerised Monitoring System II
CMT Centre for Machine Translations
CMT Construction Mining Trucks
CMTB Caterpillar Mec-Track
CNC Computer Numeric Code
CNG Credit Note
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
CNTFGL Centrifugal
CNU Canceled Never Used
Co-Op Student Trainee Program
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO Company
COB Close of Business
COD Cash on Delivery
COD Court Ordered Deduction
CODAG Combined Diesel and Gas
COE Common Operating Environment
CoPQ Cost of Poor Quality
CofA Caterpillar of Australia
CofO Certificate of Origin
COL Column
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
COLA Cost of Living Awards
COLL Collecter
COM Commercial
COM Comnmunication
COM Component Object Model
COM Component Option Model
COMB Combustion
COML Commercial
COMP Compensating
COMP Compensator
COMP Compression
COMP Compressor
COMP Customer Ordered Manufacturing Plan
COMP Complete
COMPSN Composition
COMPR Compressor
COMPREX Air Injection System (Compression)
COMPT Compactor
COMPT Compartment
CONC Concentric
COND Condensor
CONDR Conditioner
CONF Conformance
CONFIG Configuration
CONL Concial
CONN Connection
CONN Connecting
CONN Connector
CONT Control
CONT Continue
CONT Continuous
ConTraSt Concern Tracking System
CONV Conversion
CONV Converter
COOL Coolant
COOL.FLOW Coolant Flow
COOL.TEMP Coolant Termperature
COOL-1 Cooling Package Sizing Tool
COPPS Corporate Order Processing and Pricing System
COPS Company Operating Procedures
COPY Copyright
CoQ Cost of Quality
CORE-EX Core Exchange Report
CORR Correction
CORP Corporation
CORP Corporate
COSCOR Corporate Office Services
COSA Caterpillar Overseas SA
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
COT Cat Operator Training
COTS Commercial off the Shelf Software Package
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
CP Candle Power
CP Cold Planer
CP Circular Pitch
CP&CS Component Products & Control Systems
CPA Corporate Public Affairs
CPAC Cabs Platforms and Controls
CPBU Chemical Products Business Unit
CPC Computerised Profiler Control
CPC Constant Pressure Combustion
CPD Component Products Division
CPH Cost Per Hour
CPI Continuous Process Improvement
CPI Core Processing Instructions
CPK Process Capability
CPL Caterpillar Peterlee Ltd
CPL Corporate Price List
CPL Crack-n-Peel Labels
CPLG Coupling
CPLR Coupler
CPLS Caterpillar Product Link System
CPO Central Parts Operations
CPO Commercial Power Organisation
CPPD Concurrent Product and Process Development
CPPE Caterpillar Paving Products Europe
CPPI Caterpillar Paving Products
CPPM Concurrent Product and Process Management
CPMPS Corporate Production Material Processing System
CPN Customer Part Name
CPR Competitive Parts Reports
CPRSN Compression
CPS Caterpillar Precision Seals
CPS Caterpillar Production Systems
CPS Corporate Price System
CPS Corporate Pricing System
CPS Critical Path Scheduling
CPS Cycles Per Second
CPSD Compact Power Systems Division
CPSE Corporate Planning Sales Estimate
CPSI Caterpillar Power Systems Inc.
CPT Carriage Paid To
CPT Certified Power Train
CPU Central Processing Unit
CPU Cost Per Unit
CQD Customer Quality Department
CQR Custom Quote Request
CQS Custom Quote System
CR Change Request
CR Creation
CR Credit
CR Cold Rolled
CR Compression Ratio
CR Controlled Radius
CRB Cancelled Replaced By
CRC Camera Ready Copy
CRC CAT Rental College
CRC Component Repair Center
CRCLT Circulate
CRF Customer Response Form
CRG Carraige
CRKC Crankcase
CRM Corporate Records Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRMP Corporate Records Mgmt. Program
CRIPTIC Cost Reduction Implementation Programme
CRS Caterpillar Regeneration System (CATs ARD)
CRS CAT Rental Store
CRS Croatian Register of Shipping
CRSI Cat Redistribution Services Inc.
CRT Component Release Timing
CRT Continuously Regenerated Trap (DOC & uncatalysed PM Trap)
CRTG Cartridge
CS Civil Society
CSA Canadian Standards Authority
CSA Customer Supplier Agreement
CSA Customer Support Agreement
CSARL Caterpillar Societe Anonymique avec Responsabilite Limited
CSC Convention for Sale Containers
CSCS Corporate Standard Cost System
CSD Cool System Design
CSD Corporate Services Division
CSF Critical Success Factor
CSFC Calculated/Corrected Specific Fuel Consumption
CSG Control System Group
CSHIFT Centershift
CSI Customer Satisfaction Index
CSI Caterpillar Servizi Italia srl (Bitelli – located in Minerbio, Italy)
CSIC Customer Service Improvement Committee
CSL Caterpillar Services Limited
CSL Caterpillar Stockton Ltd
CSM Customer Service Manager
CSM Caterpillar Shin-Mitsubishi
CSM Custom Shop Modification
CSN Caterpillar Scheduling Network
CSO Customer Support/Serivce Officer
CSP Customer Satisfaction Program
CSPC Corporate Security PC
CSPD Control Systems Product Division
CSPI Consolidated Product Information
CSS Corporate Security Services
CSS Customer Satisfaction Survey
CSSI Customer Service Satisfaction Index
CSSP Caterpillar Strategic Systems Plan
CSt CentiStoke – unit of viscosity
CST Counter Shaft Transmission
CSTG Caterpillar Service Technology Group
CSTG Casting
CT Corporate Translations
CTAES Component Test and Experimental Stress
CTC Coolant Temperature Compensation
CTC Caterpillar Technician Certification
CTC Caterpillar Tool Centre
CTC Caterpillar Track Components
CTC Consistent to Configuration
CTCo Caterpillar Tractor Company
CTCT Caterpillar Trimble Control Technology
CTD Coated
CTE Caterpillar Technical English
CTE/LE Caterpillar Technical English / Language Editor
CTEMS Caterpillar Television & Electronic Media Solutions
CTF Cat Transmissions France
CTI Caterpillar Training Institute
CTL Cut to Length
CTO Core Technology Organisation
CTP Critical to The Process
CTPS Corporate Transfer Pricing System
CTR Centre
CTR Crank Terminate Relay
CTR Competitive Test Report
CTRSUNK Countersunk
Ctrl Control
CTRS Component Timing Release Schedule
CTS Controlled Throttle Shift
CTS Coolant Temperature Compensation
CTS Custom Track Service
CTSE Component Test & Stress Engineer
CTSO C-Time Share Option
CTTG Computer Technology Training Group
CTWT Counterweight
CV1 Single Cylinder Engine
CVRC Caterpillar VR Centre
CVSP Customer Value Survey Program
CVT Continuous Variable Transmission
CW Cold Weather
CW Clock Wise
CWL Compact Wheel Loader
CWOI Crank without Injection
CWPG Corporate Waste Products Group
CWS Corporate Web Security
CWTC Caterpillar World Trading Corporation
CWTS Caterpillar Work Tools & Services – Europe
CWTS – AAP Caterpillar Work Tools & Services – Americas Asia Pacific
CXL Caterpillar Xuzhou Ltd
CY Cycle
Acronyms: D Listing
D/N Dealer Net
D&A Disassembly & Assembly
DA Diagnostic Advisor
DAR Disposal of Assets Request
DAR Drawing Approval Record
DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
DART Direct And Rapid Response
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DAT Diagnostic Authorising Tool
DATK Data Analysis Tool Kit
DB Defined Benefits (Employee Pension Plan)
DBAM Database Attribute Management
DBR Dyno Build Request
DBS Dealer Business System
DBSI Dealer Business System (Integration)
DC Deployment Champion
DC Design Change
DC Direct Control
DC Direct Current
DC Distribution Centre
DC Ditch Cleaning
DC Defined Contribution (Employee Pension Plan)
DCAL Dealer Cost Acceptance Level
DCAL Dealer Customer Acceptance Level
DCC Design Collaboration Centre
DCCP Dynamic Customer Chargeback Process
DCD Dealer Capability Department
DCDD Data Communication  Directory for Dealer
DCE Distributed Communications Environment
DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DCF Deliverables Completion Form
DCI Design Change Information
DCO Design Change Order
DCO Document Content Outline
DCOST Decision Cost
DCP Design Change Proposal
DCR Drawing Change Request
DCS Dealer Channel System
DCS Desktop Computer Services
DCSG Dealer Channel Systems Group
DCTB Discount Pricing Table
DD Direct Drive
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDMS Dealer Demand Management System
DDP Delivered Duty Paid
DDP DBSi Deployment Portal
DDS Dealer Data System
DDS Delphi Diesel Systems
DDT Digital Diagnostic Tool
DE Diesel Engine
DE Design Engineer
DE Dual Element
DEA Discrete Element Analysis
DEC Digital Workstation
DECL Decelerator
Def Ops Defence Operations
DEFCONs UK MOD Index of Defence Contracts
DEG Degree
DEI Dealer Equipment Inventory
DEO Diesel Engine Oil
DERA Defence Evaluation Research Agency
DF Deterioration Factor
DFA Design for Assembly
DFCO Declaration Fuel Cut-off
DFE Design for the Environment
DFLG Double Flange
DFM Design for Manufacturing
DFMA Design for Manufacture and Assembly
DFP Defence and Federal Products
DFP Diesel Particulate Filter
DFT Dealer Forecast Tracking
DFSS Design for Six Sigma
DG Diagnostic Guide
DI Direct Injection
DIA Diameter
DIAG Diagonal
DIFF Differential
DIFN Direct Injector Fuel Nozzle
DIN Deutsche Institute fur Normug (German equivalent of BS)
DIN European Industry Standards
DIN German Standards and Specifications
DIOR Daily Inspection Output Records
DIS Dynamic Inclination Sensor
DISC Discounted
DISPOS Disposal
DIST Distributors
DISTA Direct Injection Series Turbo Aftercooled
DIT Direct Injection Turbochargers
DITA Direct Injection Turbocharged Aftercooler
DITAAAAC Direct Injection, Turbo Charged, Air to Air Aftercooled
DITCAR Direct Inventory Transaction Costing and Reporting
DITTA Direct Injection Twin Turbo Charged Aftercooled
DITTCA Direct Injection Twin Turbo Charged Aftercooled
DIV Division
DLCM Data Link Converter Module
DLMS Dealer Learning Management System
DLRTSO Dealer Time Share Option
DLRUSER Caterpillar Dealers User Network Services
DLV Deflection Limiting Volume
DM Decimeter
DMAIC Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control
DMC Detonation Mixing Control
DMCE Direct Material Cost Effectiveness
DMCE Direct Material Cost Estimate
DMEDI Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement
DMM Digital Multimeter
DMR Defective Material Report
DMS Dipolma in Management Studies
DMS Drawing Management System
DMS Document Management System
DMT During Machine Time
DN Despatch Note
DNC Direct Numerical Control
DNV Det Norske Veritas
DOC Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
DOC Department Of Commerce
DOE Department of Energy
DOE Design Of Experiments
DOI Dealer Order Inquiry (Dealer Orders Report)
DOLRS Dealer on Line Registration System
DOM Drawing Office Manual
DOP Degree Option Program
DOS Disc Operating System
DP Data Processing
DP/DPA/DPS Distribution Pump (Fuel)
DPF Diesel particular filter
DPMO Defects per Million Opportunities
DPN Dummy Parts Number
DPN Defective Part Number (s)
DPO Defects per Opportunity
DPO Dealer Parts Orders
DPORS Dealer Parts Orders Reporting System
DPP Diversified Power Products
DPSID Delivery Product Structure Identification
DPSO Data Process Service Order
DPSO Delivery Product Structure Outline
DPSR Data Processing Service Request
DPTS Declared Peak Torque Speed
DPW Demand Planner Workbench
DR Dead Reckoning
DR Draft
DR Drive
DRC Deutsch Rectangular Connector
DRF Dealer Repair Frequency
DROI% Direct Return on Investment
DRS Direct Reports
DRM Data Resource Management
DRP Distribution Requirements Planning
DRS Diagonal Retention System
DS Diesel Safe
DS Double Strength
DSDB Discount Standards Database
DSEL Destination-Specific Emissions Labeling
DSF Dealer Store Front
DSIA Dealer Sales/Inventory Analysis
DSIM Dealer Sales and Inventory Maintenance
DSN Dealer Solution Network
DSOEM Dealer Supporting Original Equipment Manufacturer
DST Detonation Sensitive Timing
DSTAB Dealer Service Training Advisory Board
DSU Data Sending Unit
DSUO Dealer Solicited User Order
DSUP Design Support
DT Deutsch Transportation
DT Type of Deutsch Rectangular Connector
DTAB Dealer Training Advisory Board
DTD Desk Top Design
DTD Document Type Definition
DTF Division Topic Failure
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DTR Dealer Transaction Reporting
DTS Dealer Terminal System
DTSO D-Time Sharing Option
DUES Dealer Used Equipment System
DUT Device Under Test
DVC Direct Variable Cost
DVD Digital Video/Versatile Disk
DVM Digital Volt Meter
DVOM Digital Volt-Ohm Meter
DVP Direct Variable Profit
DVP&R Design Verification Plan and Report
DVR Digital Voltage Regulator
DWI Design Work Instruction
DWR Deep Worldwide Recession
DYNASTY Dynamic Analysis of Systems
Acronyms: E Listing
E Voltage
E&E Electrical & Electronic
E&ES Electronic & Electrical Systems
E&E Eng Electric and Electronic Engineering
E/H Electro-hydraulic Implement Systems
E/O End Out – Exhausts
E/ROPS Enclosed Roll Over Protection System
EA Enterprise Architecture (Caterpillar standards)
EAC Engine Arrangement Complete
EAC Environmental Advisory Committee
EAF Enquiry Action Form
EAME Europe, Africa and Middle East
EAS Engine Acceptance Schedule
EAS Engine Audit Schedule
EAU Estimated Annual Usage
EBI Engine Build Instructions
EBP Exhaust Back Pressure
EBR Engine Build Request
EC Electronic Test Procedure
EC&SE Electrical Components & Standard Engineering
ECAP Electronic Control Analyser And Programmer
ECAP Engine Controller Analyzer Programmer
ECB Electronic Clutch Brake
ECC Emergency Cover Contract
ECC Engineering Change Co-ordinator
ECC Enterprise Component Capacity Program
ECDS Employee Compensation Distribution System
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECI Event Category Indicator
ECL Engine Coolant Level
ECIM Engine Commercial Issue Manager
ECM Electronic Control Model
ECM Electronic Control Module
ECM Engine Control Module
ECM European Common Market
ECN Electronic Communicator Newsletter
ECN Engineering Change Notice
ECO Engineering Change Order
ECPC Electronic Clutch Pressure Control
ECR Engineering Change Request
ECS Electric Cable Shovel
ECS Electronic Control System
ECS Engine Control Switch
ECS Estimate Cost System
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU Electronic Control Unit
ED Engine Division
EDAG Engine Division Administrative Group Procedure
EDB Engineering as a Dimension of Business
EDB Engineering Development Block Number
EDC European Design Centre
EDD Excavator Design Centre
EDD Execution Driven Demand
EDE Engine Division Engineering
EDF Engineering Directive Form (as used by PSEL)
EDF Equipment Detail Form (as used by PEPL)
EDH Engineering Development Head Number
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDIS Engine Division Information Services
EDM Electronic Data Management
EDMS Electronic Document Management System
EDN Engineering data notification
EDNS Engineering Data Notification System
EDP Employee Development Process
EDR Electronic Data Routing
EDR Engineering Design Requirements
EDS Electronic Data System
EDS Engineering Data System
EDSE Engine Division Service Engineering
EDSM Engine Division Supplier Management
EDT Engineering Data Transmittal
EDT Entering Differential Temperature
EE Enterprise Employee
EEBU Electrical Electronic Business Unit
EEC European Economic Community
EEF Engine End Frame
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEPROM Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EER Energy Efficiency Ratio
EERD Electrical and Electronic Research and Development
EFIT Electronics Fitter
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EG-3C Electric Governor – 31 LB. Ft. Compensated
EG-3P Electric Governor – 31 LB. Ft. Proportional
EGC Electronic Governor Control
EGO External Graphic Object
EGR Exhaust Gas Restrictor
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EHSSC Environmental Health & Safety Steering Committee
EIA Engine Investment Analysis
EICS Electronic Implement Control System
EID Event Identifier
EIMS Engine Information Management System
EIP Employee Investment Plan
EIS Electronic Ignition System
EIS Engine Information System
EISD Enterprise Information Service Delivery
EISP Equipment Investment Special Price
EIU Electrical Interface Unit
EKW Electrical Kilo Watt (Generator output)
ELC Entity Level Controls
ELC Extended Life Coolant
ELEC Electronics Engineer
ELEC Electric
ELECTSG Electric Starting
ELPS Enterprise Label Print System
EM Equipment Management
EMA Engineering Manufacturing Authorisation
EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility
EMCC Engineering Manufacturing Change Control
EMCP Electronic Modular Control Panel
EMD Electronic Media Development
EMD Engineering & Manufacturing Development
EMDI Electronic Media Development Interface
EMC Electronic Media Centre
EMF Earthmoving Fundamentals Software
EMI Electro Magnetic Interference
EMI Equipment Manufacturers Institute
EMIS Emissions Engineer
EMP Engine/Machine/lift Truck Population
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation
EMS Electronic Monitoring System
EMS Engine Monitoring System
EMS Environmental Management System
EMS Equipment Management System
EMT Engine Mounted Tachometer
EMTF Electronic Machine Tool Folder
EN Engine
EN Engine News
EN European Norm
EN European Standards and Specifications
ENFLEX Environmental Compliance System
Eng_No Engine Number
ENONO Electronic Notification of New Order
ENTRAC Engine Tracking
EO Engineering Order
EOC End of Current
EOC Engine Order Complete
EOC Equal Opportunities Commission
EOCS Engine Order Communication System
EOD Engine Order Division
EOI End of Injection
EOL End of Line
EOMP Engine Order Management Programme
EOP Engine Oil Pressure
EOQ Economic Order Quantity
EOR Executive Office Review
EOS Employee Opinion Survey
EOT End of Test
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
EP Electric Power
EP Eng. East Peoria Engineering
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPD Engine Product Division
EPE Every Part Every Day
EPG Electric Power Generation
EPI Eagle-Picher Industries
EPIC Employee Profile Information Control
EPL Electronic Price List
EPP Engineering Product Program
EPP Environmental Protection Programme
EPP Equipment Protection Plan
EPP Executive Product Program
EPR Exhaust Pressure Regulator
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS Earnings Per Share
EPS Encapsulated PostScript
EPSR Engine Product Support Rep
EPTC Electronic Programmable Transmission Control
EPTC II Electronic Programmable Transmission Control (Second Generation)
EQFD Enhanced Quality Function Development
EQM Effective Quality Management
EQM European Quality Model
EQUAL Equalizer
EQUIP Equipment
E/ROPS Enclosed Rollover Protection System
ER Engine Release
ERD Engineering Rotational Development
ERF Engine Radiator Fan
ERG Exhaust Recirculation Gases
ERI Engine Rig Instructions
ERIK Engine Repair Indicator Kit
ERLG Equipment Repair & Labour Guidelines
ERM Engine Reference Manual
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERS Equipment Reporting System
ES Electric Set
ES Engineering Services
ES Emergency Stop
ES Extreme Service Undercarriage
ESB Engine System Builder
ESC Extended Service Coverage
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
ESD Electronic Support Department
ESI Early Supplier Involvement
ESI Electrostatic Interference
ESIT Employee Satisfaction Initiative Team (GTO)
ESL Electronic Speed Limiter
ESM Engine Specification Manual
ESO Engine Shipping Order
ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan
ESOS Electronic Shut Off Solenoid
ESP Employee Satisfaction Process
ESPB E-Stop Push Button
ESR Electrostatic Radiation
ESRS Engine Specification Reporting System
ESS Electronic Speed Switch
ESS Electronic Service Support
ESS Engineering Support Services
EST Electronic Service Tool
EST Electrostatic Service Tool
ESy Engineering Systems
ET Engine Test
ET Electronic Technician
ETA Electronic Timing Advance
ETAC Electronic Traction Aid Control
ETDS Engine Technical Data Sheet
ETDS Engine Technical Data System
ETE Engine Test Evaluation
ETG Environmental Technologies Group (ILS Company)
ETI Engineering Technical Instructions
ETR Energized To Run
ETRS Engine Tracking Sheet (as used by PEPL)
ETRS Engineering Tracking Release Schedule (as used by Ptech)
ETS Engine Tank System
ETS Engine Test Schedule
ETS Energised To Shutdown
EUI Electronic Unit Injector
Euro 1 Automotive 1st stage emissions legislation
Euro 2 Automotive 2nd stage emissions legislation
Euro 3 Automotive 3rd stage emissions legislation
Euro 4 Automotive 4th stage emissions legislation
EVA Economic Value Added
EVA Exhaust Valve Actuation
EVO Exhaust Valve Opening
EWC Extended Warranty Cover
EWEP E Web Edit Pro (Wed Editing Tool)
EWGC Electronic Waste Gate Control
EX Experimental Drawing
EXC Excavator
EXCH Exchanger
EXH Exhaust
EXP Expansion
EXPAT Ex-patriot
EXT Extension
EXW Ex Works
Acronyms: F Listing
F/P Fuel Pump
F/U/W For Use With
FAB Features, Advantages and Benefits
FACL Facilities Engineer
FACM Factoring Pricing Table
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FARC Fuel Air Ration Control
FAS Free Acceleration Smoke
FAS Free Alongside Ship
FASIP Fabrication of Advanced Structures using Intelligent and Synergistic Processing
FATT First Article Type Test
FBC Feature Based Configurator
FC Flash Code
FCC Front Cable Control
FCC Forward Curved Centrifugal
FCO Fuel Cut Off
FCR Fuel Control Relay
FCS Future Combat System
FCTB Financially Cleared to Build
FDD Forecast Driven Demand
FDO Future Dated Order
FDR Flexible Data Recorder
FDS Financial Distribution System
FEA Finite Element Analysis
FEAD Front End Accessory Drive
FEL Family Emission Limit
FELA Fatigue Equivalent Load Analysis (a calculated value to indicate stress on Off Highway Trucks)
FENG Field Test Engineer
FEUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act
FF Fill Factor
FF Flat Face (on Flywheel)
FF Freight Forwarder
FFF Fit Form Function
FFL Full free lift
FFH Free Fork Height
FFTL Full Free Tiple Lift
FFS Flash File Search
FGM Functional Gradient Materials
FGW FG Wilson
FH Flat Head
FHP Flywheel Horsepower
FICHE Microfiche
FID Fuel Injection Department
FIE Fuel Injection Equipment
FIED Fuel Injector Fitter
FIFO First In, First Out
FIND For Information, News & Documents
FIL Filter
FILHD Fillister Head
FIND-SIRS FIND Service Information Retrieval System
FIO Factory Information Only
FIO Factory Installation Only
FIP Fuel Injection Pump
FIS Fleet Information System
FIT Federal Income Tax
FIT Feature Integration Team
FITT Fitter
FL Facility Logistics
FL Flange Cooled (liner)
FL Floor
FLACS Full Load After Cold Start
FLASH Bulk electrically erasable programmable read only memory
FLC Fuzzy Logic Controller
FLEX Flexible Scheduling System
FLG Flange
FLGANN Fuzzy Logic Genetic Algorithm Neural Network
FLRS Full Load Rated Speed
FLS Full Load Setting
FLS Full Load Static Fuel Setting
FLS/FTS Full Load Setting/Full Torque Setting
FLY Flywheel
FLYCL Flywheel Clutch
FM Fleet Manager
FM Federal Mogul
FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FMECA Failure Mode Effects & Critical Analysis
FMI Failure Mode Identification / Indicator / Identifier
FMI For More Information
FMR Facilities Material Request
FMRG Financial Management Reporting Guide
FMRS Financial Management Reporting System
FMS File Management System
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System
FMS Flash Memory System
FN Form Number
FNL Factory Notification List
FOB Free on Board
FOC Free of Charge
FOE Facility Operating Engineer
FOG Falling Object Guard
FOGAP Facility Oriented General Accounting Package
FON Fleet Owners Net
FOPS Falling Object Protective Structure
FOSI Formatting Output Specification Instance
FP Fixed Price
FP Factory Planner
FPC Finish Protected Components
FPD Financial Products Division
FPG Finishing Product Group
FPG Forest Products Group
FPI Finishing Process Instructions
FPS Factory Password System
FPO Fleet Productivity Optimization
FPVS First Production Validation Sign-off
FR Frame
FR Facilities Request
FRACS Factory Reporting And Accounting System
FRC Fuel Ratio Control (Rack Limiter)
FRC Fuel Ration Control (previously known as FARC or AFRC)
FRD Functional Requirements Document
FREP Financial Representative
FRES Future Rapid Effects System
FRS Financial Reporting System
FRS Functional Requirement Specification
FRT Front
FS Fuel System
FS Front Shovel
FSA Facility Storage Availability
FSA Financially Significant Application
FSC Forecast & Stock Control
FSC Foreign Sales Corporation
FSOS Fuel Shut Off Solenoid
FSR Field Service Report
FST Fuel Systems Test
FT Feet
FT File Transfer
FT Foot
FTA Failure Test Analysis
FTC Finger Tip Control
FTE Full Time Equivalence
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTP First Test Pass
FTP Fully Tapered and Polished
FTRS Front Track Roller Frame
FTS Full Torque Setting
FTS Full Torque Static Fuel Setting
FtS Full Load Static Fuel Setting
FTST Field Test Fitter
FUW Follow up with
FWD Foward
FWIW For What It’s Worth
FYI For Your Information
Acronyms: G Listing
G&D Shipping Company
GA Gauge
GA General Arrangement
GA Genetic Algorithms
GAPS Group and Assembly Pricing System
GAV Gas Admission Valve
GB Green Belt
GBP Great British Pounds
GD Guard
GD&T Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
GDC Grimbergen Distribution Center
GDLS General Dynamics Land System
GEC Greenville Engine Centre
GECM Gas Engine Control Module
GED Global Engine Development
GEIM Graphics and Engineering Information Management Division
GEMS Greenville Engine Management System
GEN Generator
GESM Global Engine Supply Management
GET Ground Engaging Tools
GHRMS Global Human Resource Management Systems
GIM General Installation Manual
GL Germanischer Lloyd
GLS General Ledger System
GLT Grease Lubricated Track
GM General Manager
GMM General Management Meeting
GMO Geographic Marketing Organisation
GO General Office
GOPACS Goal Oriented Planning And Control System
GOV Governor
GP-E Global Purchase – Engines
GPM Gallons Per Minute
GPO Global Process Optimization
GPO Gross Profit Margin
GPP Global Product Profitability
GPP Global Parts Protection
GPS lobal Positioning System
GR Gear
GR Grouser
GRAD Graduate
GREDI Graphical Editor
GRI Gas Research Institute
GRIPS Goals, Roles, Interactions, Process, Style
GRN Goods Receiving Note
GRPTS Guidelines for Reusable Parts
GS Gas Safe
GSC Global Supply Chain
GSC Generator Set Control
GSG Global Support Group
GSLPD Global Service Learning & Performance Division
GST Goods and Services Tax
GTO Global Technology Organisation
GTR Global Travel Reporting
GTS Global Technical Services
GUCG Graphic Users Communicator Group
GUI Graphical User Interface
GW Gateway
Acronyms: H Listing
H/W Hardware
H&S Health and Safety
HALB In House Assembled Semi Finished Component
HASAW Health and Safety at Work
HCCI Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
HCLA Heated Chemiluminescence’s  Analyser
HCP Health Care Premium
HCP Health Care Provider
HD10 Type of Deutsch connector (round)
HE Heat Exchanger
HEDC Hydraulic Excavator Design Control
HEPL Hydraulic Electronic Pump & Line
HESS Hall Effect Speed Sensor
HEUI Hydraulic Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injection
HEUI Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector
HEX Hydraulic Excavator
HEX Heat Exchanger
HEX Hexagon
HD Head
HD Heavy Duty
HFBU Hydraulics Fabrications Business Unit
HFID Heated Flame Ionisation Detector
HH Head — Harvester
HHDE Heavy Heavy Duty Engine
HI High Idle
HI Hydraulic Injector
HID High Intensity Gas Discharge (HID) lights
HIP Hydraulic Injection Product
HIS Hydraulic Information System
HMI Hydraulic Machine Inspection
HML Hindustan Motors Ltd.
HMSO Hydro mechanical Shut Off
HP Head Processor
HP Hewlett-Packard
HP High Pressure
HP Horse Power
HPAC High performance Aftercooler
HPCU Hystat Power Control Units
HPG Hydraulic Pressure Governor
HPIT Governor
HPL Hindustan Powerplus Ltd.
HPP High Pressure Pump
HPR High Performance Rubber
HPRG High Performance Rubber Group
HR Heat Rejection
HR Human Resources
HRBIS Human Resource Benefits Information System
HRI Human Resource Information
HRSS Human Resources Self-Service
HSE Health & Safety Executive
HSLA High Strength Low Alloy
HSG Housing
HSGE High Speed Gas Engines
HT Heat
HT High Tower
HTC Hydraulic Truck Crane
HTEXCH Heat Exchanger
HTIS Heat Treat Instruction Sheet
HTML Hypertext Mark-up Language
HTS CODE Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPD Hyper Text Transport Protocol Daemon
HTTR Heat Treated
HV High Velocity
HVAC Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVC High Velocity Caterpillar
HVM High Velocity Machine
HW HardWare
HYD Hydraulic
HYDO Hydraulic Oil
HYDRA-MECH Hydra Mechanical Governor
HYDRO Hydrostatic
HYDRTD Hydrotarder
Hz Hertz (CPS)
Acronyms: I Listing
I/C Intercompany
I/O Input / Output
IA Installation Appraisal
IAD Interaxle Differential Lock
IAPCV Injection Action Pressure Control Valve
IAT Intake Air Temperature
IBC Integrated Brake Control
IBS Integrated Braking System
IC Integrated Circuit
ICA Interim Corrective Action
ICAP Individual Career Advancement Process
ICD Interface Control Document
IE Information Element
ICEMC Image Centre’s Electronic Media Centre
ICM Individual Clutch Modulation (a type of transmission used on Off-Highway trucks and other products)
ICP Injection Control Pressure
ICP Internal Cylinder Pressure
ICP Internal Company Policy
ICP Incentive Compensation Plan
ICSM Integrated Combustion Sensing Module
ICTB Intercompany Pricing Factors for Subsidiaries
ICTC Impeller Clutch Torque Converter
ID Inside Diameter
IDENT Identification
IDI Indirect Injection
IDP Interdepartmental Procedure
IE Information Element
IE Internet Explorer
IEC Internal Electronic Commission
IEC International Electro-Technical Commission
IEID Information Element Identifier
IFP Innas Free Piston Engine
IFRN Inter-factory Reject Note
IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Sequence
IGEAF Intra-Group Enquiry Action Form
IGN Ignition
IGP Intra Group Proposal
IHS Information Handling Service
II Inspection Instruction
ILC Inbound Logistics Centre
ILC Indirect Logistics Control
ILI Infonorm London Information
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
ILSC In-line Super Charging
IM&E Indirect materials and expenses
IMAP Identity Management & Account Provisioning
IMC Information Management Consultant
IMCE Indirect Materials Cost Effectiveness
IMechE Institute of Mechanical Engineers
IMG Implementation Guide (SAP)
IMH Inlet Manifold Heater
IMO International Maritime Organisation
IMO In My Opinion
IMP Implement
IMPCO Imperial Co., Carburettor
IMR Internal Material Requisition
IMR Individuals Moving Range
IMRF Item Master Request Form
IMRM Improved Multi-Row Module (Radiator)
IMRRM Individual Multi-row Radiator Module or IMRM
IMS Information Management System
IMT Inlet Manifold Temperature
IMV Independent Metering Valve
IN Inch
IN Internal Report
IND Indefinite
IND Industrial
INJ Injection
INL Inlet
INS Inertial Navigation System
INS Unique identification given to equipment
INSP Inspection
INSTL Installation
INSTR Instruction
INSTR Instrument
INT Intake
INT Interim
IO Internal Operations
IO Industrial Organisation
IOPU Industrial Open Power Unit
IOUS Index of Unreliability Severity
IP Ingress Protection
IPBU Industrial Power Business Unit
IPD Initial Professional Development
IPG Information Protection Guidelines
IPI Integrated Product Information
IPL Individual Project Log
IPL Illustrated Parts List
IPL Interplant packing list
IPP Independent Power Producers
IPR Injector Pressure Regulator
IPR Intellectual Property Right
IPSD Industrial Power Systems Division
IPSS Integrated Power Systems Solutions
IPV In Process Validation
IQI Internal Quality Initiative
IR Infrared
IRF Injector Return Flow
IRM Information Release Memo
IROI Initial Rate of Injection (mm cubed)
IRR Internal Rate of Return
IRS Internal Revenue Services
IRU Inertial Reference Unit
IS Improvement Suggestion
IS Information Services
ISA Internet Sales Application (Quoting & ordering tool)
ISB Information System Builder
ISD Infrastructure Services Division
ISDB Invoicing Standard Database
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISE International Service Executive
ISE International Service Employee
ISIR Initial Sample Inspection Report
ISM Ishikawajima-Shibaura Machinery Company Limited
ISMD Industrial Site Maintenance Division
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
ISO International Standards Organisation
ISO International Switchgear Organisation
ISPF Interactive System Productivity Facility
ISS East Peoria Interplant Shipping System
ISS Information Security Services
ISS Interplant Shipping Systems
IT Information Technology
IT Integrated Tool carriers
ITI International to International
ITSM Integrated Temperature Sensing Module
IVA Intake Valve Actuation
IVA Inlet Valve Actuation
IVC Inlet Valve Closing
IVDB Invoicing Database
IVR Interactive Voice Response
Acronyms: J Listing
J1 Job 1
JAD Joint Application Development
JAF Job Authorisation Form
JAMS Joliet Assembly Material System
JAS Job Authorisation Sheet
JAVA Sun Microsystems proprietary network programming language
JCL Job Control Language
JCL Johnson Controls Limited
JEGRPS Journal Entry/Interplant Group Status Detail Screen
JEIES Journal Entry/ Interplant Status Detail Screen
JENO Global table containing valid journal entries for a facility
JES Job Entry Subsystem
JET Joint Electronics Team
JIC Joint Industrial Council
JIS Job Instruction Sheet
JIS Japanese Standards and Specifications
JIT Just-in-Time
JITD Just-in-Time Delivery
JMI Job Method Information
JOS Job Objective Sheet
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (picture file)
JRC Job Related Characteristics
JTS Job Termination Sheet
JV Joint Venture
JVL Joint Venture Licensee
JW Jacket Water
JWAC Jacket Water After Cooler
Acronyms: K Listing
KANBAN A signal for production or withdrawal of parts in a pull system
KBA Key Business Activity
KBL Knowledge-Based Language
KBO Key Business Opportunity
KC Key Characteristic
KCC Key Control Characteristic
KE Kenworth, Kilowatt
KEC Kiel Engine Centre
KG Kilogram
KISS Keep It Short and Simple
KM Knowledge Management
KMATS Configurable Sales Order Specific Materials
KN Knowledge Network
KPa Kilopascal
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KPO Kaizen Promotions Office
KRS Korean Register of Shipping
KS Kolbenschmidt
KTL Kenny Transport Limited
KVa Kilovolt Amps
KW Kilowatt
Acronyms: L Listing
L Long Undercarriage
LAN Local Area Network
LAO London Area Office
LAR Latin America Region
LAS Linkage Analysis Software
LB Lower
LB Pound
LC Letter of Credit
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCP Life Cycle Planner
LCV Low Crevice Volume (Piston)
LCY Loose Cubic Yard
LD&P Logging, Diagnostics & Prognostics
LD Lifting Device
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Control
LDC Lesser Developed Country
LDIS Logistics Division Information Services
LDPO Lift Truck Dealer Parts Order
LDS Lucas Diesel Systems
LDW Last Day Worked
LE Low Emissions
LEC Lafayette Engine Centre
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEUI Linear EUI (Linear Electronic Unit Injector)
LGP Low Ground Pressure
LGFCR Large Ground Floor Conference Room
LH Left Hand
LHD Load Haul Dump (Elphinstone)
LHEX Large Hydraulic Excavator
LHPU Labour Hours Per Unit
LHV Lower Heating Value
LI Low Idle
LL Line to Line
LLC Life Cycle Costing
LLESS Logistics Lot Size Evaluation Support System
LLSC Lafayette Logistics Service Centre
LLW Low Level Warning
LMP Large Mining Products
LMS Location Management System
LMST Series of Morton screens that provide information about modules
LMT Large Mining Trucks
LN Line to Neutral
LOA Leave of Absence
LOGS Logistics Staff
LOHT Large Off-Highway Truck
LOS Line Of Sight
LP Liquid Petroleum
LP Low Pressure
LPC Larne Packaging Centre
LPL Low Pressure Loop
LPP Lower Power train Products
LPS Liquid Petroleum Safe
LPSD Large Power Systems Division
LPWD Logistics Planner Workbench
LR Long Reach
LR Lloyd’s Register
LRC Less Regulated Countries
LRIP Low Rate Initial Production
LRS Lab Reporting System
LR Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
LRQA Lloyds Register Quality Assurance
LRU Line Replacement Unit
LSA Location Storage Availability
LSC Logistics Service Centre
LSD Legal Services Division
LSD-RG Legal Services Division – Regulatory Division
LSD Low Sulphur Diesel
LSO Literature Shipping Order
LSQ Location Storage Quantity
LST Library Search Tool
LT2 Lower Tier 2
LTCD Light Truck Clean Diesel
LTCFR Lost Time Case Frequency Rate
LTD Long Term Disability
LTF Leland Transmission Facility
LTG Lighting
LTL Loose Top Land (piston)
LTP Long Term Planning
LTTT Large Track-Type Tractor
LUB Lubrication, Lubricating
LUC Lockup Clutch
LVC Lock-up Torque Converter
LWI Local Work Instructions
LWL Large Wheel Loaders
Acronyms: M Listing
M3PC Medium Priority Proportional Pressure Compensation Valve
M/C Machine Control
M/U Mark-up
M&PS Materials & Procurement Services
MA Milli Amps
MAA Mechanically Attached Adapter System for Buckets
MAC Maximum Ambient Capability
MACH Machinist
MAF Mass Air Flow
MAK MaK Motoren GmbH & Co. KG
MAMM Manufacturing and Material Management/td>
MANR Manager
MAO Made as Ordered
MAP Merchandise Assist Program
MAPS Manufacturing and Production Structures
MARC Maintenance and Repair Contract
MARC Multiple Application Reduced Cost elastomeric engine/cab mounts
MAS Manufacturing Acceptance Standards
MASH Machine Sales History
MAT LAB Materials Laboratory
MATCON Material Concession
MAWPS Mechanically Attached Wear plate System
MAX Maximum
MBM Manufacturing Bill of Material
MBQ Minimum Batch Quantity
MBU Marketing Business Unit
MCBM Major Component Exchange
MCCOT Master Course Component Outline Template
MCE Manufacturing Configured Bill of Material
MCE Major Component Exchange
MCE Mining and Construction Equipment
MCG Machine Classification Guide
MCM Machine Control Module
MCP Major Component Price
MCP Master Control Plan
MCP Maximum Cylinder Pressure (as used on Crusader)
MCR Material Change Request
MCR Magneto Control Relay
MCS Maintenance Control System
MCS Manufacturing Control System
MCS Marine Classification Society
MCS Material Control System
MCS Monitoring and Control System
MD Monthly Disability
MD&A Management’s Discussion & Analysis
MDI Managing for Daily Improvements
MDR Material Data Resource
MDRF Means Dealer Repair Frequency
MDS Master Demand System
MDSSO Multi-Domain Single-Sign-On
MDT Manufacturing Development Team
MDTC Malaga Demonstration and Training Centre
MDW Marketing Data Warehouse
M&E Machinery and Engines
ME Manufacturing Engineer
ME Mass Excavator
ME Margin Enhancement
MEAS Microencapsulated Anaerobic Sealant
MEC Mossville Engine Centre
MEC Mechanism
MEGS Mining Edge Guard System for Excavator Mining Buckets
MENG Mechanical Engineer
MEP Mean Effective Pressure
MEPD Medium Engine Product Division
MEPM Model for Excellence in Process Management
MEPS Marine Engine Parts & Service
MER Mounted Equipment Resonance
MESH Motor Grader Electronic Shift Handle
METS Mining & Earthmoving Technology Systems
MEUI Mechanically Electronic Unit Injector
MEWS Mechanised Work Standard
MFD Microfarad
MFD Master File Directory
MFG Manufacturing
MFH Maximum Fork Height
MFP Material Flow Process
MFPI Manufacturing Facilities Protection Instruction
MG Motor Grade
MGM Machine Guidance Module
MHA Material Handling Arrangement
MHDE Medium Heavy Duty Engine
MHE Mini Hydraulic Excavator
MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
MHP Marine Horse Power
MHz Mega Hertz (Clock Rate)
MGPP Multi- Generational Process Plan
MGPP Multi- Generational Product Plan
MI Manufacturing Instruction
MIC Machine Interface Connector
MID Message Identifier
MID Module Identification
MID Module Identifier
MIDS Machine Information Display System
MIM/SRM Multimedia Information Manager/Student Record Manager
MIN Minimum
MIP Mechanical Injection Products
MIS Management Information System
MIS Marketing Information System
MISC Miscellaneous
MISO Misc. Interplant Shipping Order
MIT Miscellaneous Interplant Transfer
ML&T Manufacturing Logistics and Transportation
MLAB Materials Laboratory
MLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
MLRT Maximum Likelihood Ratio Test
MM Millimeter
MMA Material Master Administrator
MMDB Master Media Database
MMIS Machine Marketing Information
MMS Marine Monitoring System
MMS Mossville Management System
MOADS Corporate Metlab System
MOC Ministry of Construction
MOCS Machine Order Communication System
MOD Machine Order Division
MOD Ministry of Defence
MODIF Modification
MOL Medium Overlap (camshaft)
MOLDB Moldboard
MOPs Measures of Performance
MOS Management Operating System
MOT Ministry of Transportation
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MOV Metal Oxide Varistor
MPa Mega Pascal
MPC Marketing Profit Centre
MPC-10 Multi-purpose Electronic Control
MPCD Motion & Power Controls Division
MPDB Market Price Database
MPDP Manufacturing Professionals Development Program
MPDS Monitored Professional Development Scheme
MPEG A standard format for multi-media information
MPGM Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease
MPH Miles Per Hour
MPI Magnetic Particle Inspection
MPI Moulding Process Instructions
MPLT Master List/Net Price
MPNO Master Price Notes
MPP Machine Performance Panel
MPPS Multipoint Pressure Sensing
MPR Marine, Petroleum, Rail
MPRT Master Price Indicative Data
MPS Master Production Schedule
MPS Marine Power System
MPSA Motori Perkins SA (Perkins France)
MPSD Marketing & Product Support Division
MPSPA Motori Perkins SpA (Perkins Italy)
MPTS Machine Performance Trending System
MPU Electromagnetic Pick-up
MQ Manufacturing Quality
MQA Material Quality Analysis
MR Machine Research
MRB Materials Review Board
MRB Management Review Board
MRC Material replenishment Collaboration
MRDR Material Rejection Disposition Report
MRO Maintenance, Repairs and Operations
MRP Material Resource Planning
MRP Materials Requirement Planning
MRPII MAMM Replacement Program
MRPIII Manufacturing Resource Planning
MRQS Material Receipt Query Sheet
MRR Miscellaneous Receiving Report
MRU Machine Retrofit Upgrade Program
MS Machine Shop
MS Machine Shop Job Card
MSC Machine Specification Comparison
MSC My Supply Cabinet
MSD Measurement Systems Development
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
MSGE Medium Speed Gas Engines
MSHA Mine Safety & Health Administration
MSII Milestones
MSNETWRK Management Science Network Services
MSNUSER Management Science Network Services – User Network
MSO Machine Shipping Order
MSP Marketing Support Program
MSP Microsoft Project
MSQ Machine Sales Quote
MSS Machine Security System
MST Management Steering Team
MT2000 Medium Tractor 2000
MTA Mechanical Timing Advance
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBF Mean Time Before Failures
MTBR Mean Time Between Repairs
MTD Mounted
MTG Mounting
MTO Multi-purpose Tractor Oil
MTS Material Tracking System
MTS Mobil-trac System
MUI Mechanical Unit Injector
MV Material Vision
MV Milli Volts
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MWaF Masters with a Future
MWL Medium Wheel Loader
Acronyms: N Listing
N Narrow Truck
N/F/U/W Not For Use With
NA Naturally Aspirated
NACD North American Commercial Division
NADS North American Dealer Sales
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NARS Notification for Access Removal System
NAT GAS Natural Gas
NAV Navigation Module
NBR New Build Request
NBR0 Specification for quote
NBR1 Project Engine
NBR2 Production List
NC National Coarse
NC Normally Closed
NC Noise Control
NCC Network Control Centre
NCM Non-Conformance Management system
NCMR Non-Conformance Material Report
NCN Numerical Control Network
NCP Non-conformance penalties
NCR Non Compliance Report
NCT Negative Temperature Coefficient
NDA Non Disclosure Agreement
NDC Normal Distribution Curve
NDE Non-Destructive Evaluation
NDM Network Data Mover
NDRI Non Descriptive Infra-red Analyser
NDT Non Destructive Testing
NEEF Non Engine End Frame
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NENG Noise Engineer
NEOP New Employee Orientation Program
NES New Electronics System
NF National Fine
NFF No Failure Found
NFND Not For New Design
NFPM Non-financial Performance Measure
NG New Generation
NGEO Natural Gas Engine Oils
NGMR Next Generation Modular Radiator
NGO Non Goverment Organisation
NHL Next Higher Level
NINA150 Competitor Analysis
NIA New Item Added
NIC National Insurance Contributions
NJSU New Job Start Up
NK Nippon Kajii Kyokai
NLA No Longer Available
NMHC Non Methane Hydro Carbons
NMOG Non Methane Organic Gases
NN Neural Network
NO Normally Open
NO Number
NOCHA New Order Critical Change Audit
NONO Notification of New Order
NOPS Non-Operational Product Status
NORF New Options Request Form
NOV Notice of Violations
NOx Nitrous Oxides (regulated emission)
NOx Nitric Oxides Emissions
NPC Normal Plant Cost
NPI New Product Introduction
NPPI New Product and Process Introduction
NPR Numerical Part Record
NPT National Pipe Thread
NPTF National Pipe Thread Fine
NPV Net Present Value
NRMM Non Road Mobile Machine
NRT NOx Reduction Technology
NRTC Nonroad Transient Cycle
NS National Special
NSEAF Non-saleable Enquiry Action Form
NSFS New Scroll Fuel System
NSI New Service Introduction
NSM Network Systems Management
NSN NATO Stock Number
NSPE National Society of Professional Engineers
NSPR Non-Standard Product Requirement
NSRM Not Stocked Rough Material
NSSN National Standards Systems Network
NTE Not to Exceed
NTF No Text Follows
NTSA National Transportation & Safety Administration
NUMD Non-Useable Material Disposition
NVH Noise Vibration Harshness
NVM Non-volatile Memory
NVQ National Vocational Qualification
Acronyms: O Listing
O/P Oil Pump
O/ROPS Open Roll Over Protection System
O&O Owning & Operating
OAC Office Area Certification
OAL Overall Lowered
OAR Order Absence Report
OASDI Old Age Survivor Disability Income
OBD On-Board Diagnostics
OBESE Octave Band Enclosure Sound Equation
OC October
OCB Open Circuit Breather
OCC Output Circuit Continuity
OCHS Other Chargeable Staff
OCM Organisational Change Management
OD Obstacle Detection
OD Outside Diameter
OD Outside Drawing
ODB Operations Data Base
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
ODI Oil Drain Interval
OE Operational Engineering
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OE&E Organisational effectiveness and engagement
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFAT One factor at a Time
OFEOD Order from Engine Order Division
OFFED Order from Frod Engine Division
OFIOD Order from Industrial Division
OFI Opportunity for Improvement
OFMHI Order from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry
OFMOD Order from Machine Order Division
OFPG Order from Perkins Dealer oif Grimbergen
OFPTI Order from Production Technology Inc.
OFRPC Order from Rome Plow Company
OFRPC Order from Tube-Loc Company
OFSSM Order from Swing Swift Manufacturing Company
OHT Off Highway Truck
OIL Office Information letter
OIS Office Information Services
OJT On the Job Training
OL Open Loop
OLE Overall Line Effectiveness
OLPL On-Line Price List
OMEGA Miscellaneous Indirect Material Purchasing System
OMG Overhaul Maintenance Guide
OMM Operation and Maintenance Manual.
OMT Outline Maintenance Tool
ONA Olympia North America
OO Object Oriented
OP Oil Pressure
OPE Overall Process Effectiveness
OPQ Overall Product Quality
OPS Oil Pressure Sensor
OPS Operator Protection Structure
OPT Option
OPT Overhaul Protection for trucks
ORFC Orifice Reverse Flow Check
ORFS O-Ring Face Seal
ORS Oil Renewal System
OS Operating System
OS Over Size
OS Over Speed
OSCILL Oscillating
OS&D Over Short and Damaged
OSEK Automotive Standard Operating System
OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration
OSS Order Specific Sequence
OTG Output Transfer Gear
OTICS Opportunity To Improve Customer Satisfaction
OTO One-Time-Only
OTR Optical Test Rig
OTS Offer to Sell
OTW On the Water
OVERHD Overhead
OVIB One Voice In Britain
OVSA On-Vehicle Stress Analysis
OWS Oil Well Service
OZ Ounce
Acronyms: P Listing
P1 Perkins Financial Accounting – Period
P&B Plunger & Barrel
P&ID Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
P&L Profit & Losses
P&SS Parts & Service Support
P.O. Purchase Order
PA Pricing Arrangement
PA Production Associate
PA Prototype Alteration
PAAR Perkins Advice and Action Report
PABACS Parts Book Automated Compiling System
PAC2 Product And Component Planning And Costing
PAD Personal Achievement and Development
PAF Project Approval form
PAFP Parts Annual Forecast Project
PAL Perkins America Limited
PAM Product Approval Meeting
PAM Performance Award Methodology
PAN Product Activity Notice/Note
PAPL Perkins Asia Pacific Limited
PAR Performance Analysis Report
PAR Price Assistance Request
PAT Portable Appliance Test
PAT Power Angle Tilt
PAT Product Acceptance Test
PAT Production Analysis Team
PATS Peoria Area Telephone System
PAYE Pay As You Earn (Income Tax)
PB Product Bulletin
PBO Product Build Order
PBP Parts Business Plan
PBRR Planning Burden & Routing Record
PC Pre-Combustion Chamber
PC Personal Computer
PCA Permanent Corrective Action
PCA Price Change Analysis
PCB Parts Comparison Bulletin
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyls
PCC Pre-Combustion Chamber
PCC Product Change Control
PCC Produce Change Co-ordinator
PCD Price Check Discrepancies
PCFA Parent Company Financial Accounting
PCI Product Code Index
PCL Parts Coverage Listing
PCMCIA PC Memory Card International Association
PCN Product Change Notification
PCP Peak Cylinder Pressure
PCR Product Change Request
PCR Product Creation Rate
PCS Parts Commercial System
PCS Payload Control System
PCTA Pre-Combustion Turbo Aftercooled
PCV Product Crankcase Ventiliation
PCWP Product Committee Working Party
PD Prove Design
PD&S Process Development & Services
PD/DT GDLS Reference Number
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDC Problem Description Code
PDCA Plan Do Check Act
PDCC Power Demand Cruise Control
PDES Designer
PDET Detailer
PDF Portable Data Format
PDF Probability Density Function
PDI Pre-Delivery Inspection
PDL Perkins Data Link
PDL Product Decision Letter
PDL Product Development Lead-time
PDL Production Discrepancy Label
PDLMS Parts Distribution Location Management System
PDM Parametric Design Manager
PDM Product Data Management
PDM Project Data Manager
PDMS Product Data Management System
PDOD Product Development & Operations Division
PDP Participatory Discount Program
PDP Performance Development Process
PDP Project Development Phase
PDQ Pretty Damn Quick
PDRR Programme Definition Risk Reduction
PDS Post Design Services
PDS Product Development Service
PDS Project Definition System
PDUG Product Definitions Users Group
PE Paving Equipment
PE Product Engineering
PE(P)L Perkins Engines (Peterborough) Limited
PE(S)L Perkins Engines (Shrewsbury) Limited
PE(ST)L Perkins Engines (Stafford) Limited
PEC Peterborough Engine Centre
PECL Perkins Engines Company Limited
PEDRO Perkins Engineering Data Retrieval Organisation (microfiche)
PEEC Programmable Electronic Engine Control
PEG Product Evaluation Group
PEHL Pre-Production Engine History Log
PEM Product Engineering Manager
PEMM Project Engineering Management Meeting
PENG Performance Engineer
PEORM Product Engineering Operations Review Meeting
PEP Performance Engine Products
PEP Product Engineering Process
PEPD Performance Engine Product Division
PERG Prediction & Evaluation of Reliability Growth
PERG Product Evaluation Reliability Growth
PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language
PES Parts Exchange Service
PES Product Engineering Solutions
PET Parts Editing Tool
PET Product Evaluation Test
PEWA Perkins Europe and West Asia
PF Perkins Forms
PF Power Factor
PF Purchased Finished
PF12 Function Key 12
PFEP Plan For Every Part
PFMEA Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
PFP Pay for Performance
PG Partsgram
PGI Post Goods Issue
Ph7 Heads Phase 7 Cylinder Heads
PHB Performance Handbook
PI Personal Involvement
PI People Involvement
PIC Price in Chassis
PID Parameter Identification
PID Proportional / Integral / Derivative
PID Proportional Integral and Derivative Controller
PIDS Prime Item Development Specification
PIL Perkins International Limited
PIL Product Investigation Letter
PIM Product Introduction Meeting
PIM Product Improvement Meeting
PIMS Product Information Management System Parts Marketing
PIMS Profit Impact of Market Strategy
PIN Product Identification Number
PINS Percentage of Industry Sales
PIP Product Improvement Program
PIQ Partners in Quality
PIR Product Improvement Request
PIR Product Information Report
PIR Product Information Request
PIS Product Information System
PIT Problem Identification Team
PITCH Total time needed to produce one container of part – TAKT time
PJM Production Job Management
PKG Package, Packing
PL Pipe Layers
PL Plunger
PL Product Letter
PL Price List
PL01 First list derived from a registered project
PL80 Costing List for a Registered Project
PL90 Advanced Production Parts list for a prototype engine build
PL95 Advanced Production Parts list for a Production engine build
PLC Programmable Logic Control
PLCN Price List Change Notification
PLIF Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence
PLM Product Lifecycle Management
PLP Product Line Profitability
PM Particulate Matter (regulated emission)
PM Permanent Magnet
PM Personality Module
PM Personal Manager; IBM Mainframe calendar
PM Powder Metal
PM Predictive Maintenance
PM Participative Management
PM Preventative Maintenance
PM Product Mover
PM Project Management
PMA Planned Method Audit
PMAN Project Manager
PMCM Product Margin and Cost Monitor
PMCM Profit Margin and Cost Monitor
PMCM Projected Manufacturing Costs & Margins (Verified Cost)
PME Permanent Magnet Excitation
PMG Permanent Magnet Generator
PMGMBH Perkins Motoren GmbH (Perkins Germany)
PMI Positive Management Initiatives
PMI Process Maturity Index
PMI Product Monitoring Information
PMIS Parts Marketing Information System
PMP Performance Management Process
PMP Preventive Maintenance Program
PMP Production Maintenance Process
PMPB Process Management Business Plan
PMPG Preventive Maintenance Products Group
PMS Perkins Material Standards
PMS Price Movement Sheet
PMS Problem Monitor System
PMTPS Pedal Mounted Throttle Position Sensor
PN Part Number
PNPI Part Number Price Inquiry
PO Production Order
PO Purchase Order
POC Product Outline Compatibility
POD Proof of Delivery
PODD Percentage Of Dealer Deliveries
POMS Pricing Orders Marketing Systems Division
POP Product Organisation Process
POPIMS Parts Order Processing Inventory Management Systems
POPL Product Outline / Price List
POPS Percent of Potential Sales
POPS Percent of Population Sales
POPS Percent of Parts Sales
PO’s Product Objectives
POT Potential (Average water Temperature. – entering air)
POU Point Of Use
PP Price List Rack Settings
PPA Parts Product Analyst
PPAP Production Parts Approval Process
PPC Parts Product Code
PPC Polution Prevention Control
PPCAR Prime Product Costing & Reporting System
PPCAR Prime Product Costing and Reporting
PPCAR Pre-production Corrective Action Request
PPD Power Products Division
PPDB Parts Pricing Database
PPDC Perkins Powerpart Distribution Centre
PPDC Planning Process Documentation & Compliance
PPE Personal Protection Equipment
PPE Production Problem Related Expense
PPF Prime Product Forecast System
PPG Peoria Proving Grounds
PPIDS Parts Pricing Information and Distribution Systems
PPG Machine Prime Product Information
PPL Priority Project List
PPL Perkins Parts Limited
PPL Plant Problem List
PPM Parts Per Million
PPM Prime Product Mover
PPM Product Problem Management
PPP Parts Projection Planner
PPP Perkins Product Promotion
PPP Power Protection Plan
PPP Power Protection Program
PPPC Proportional Priority Pressure Compensated
PPRA Prime Product Return Authorisation
PPRD Pre-Production Reliability Development
PPRE Product Problem Related Expense
PPS Profit Per Share
PPV Parallel Path Variable
PPV Purchase Price Variance
PQAR Product Quality Audit Report
PQDC People Quality Delivery Cost
PQI Product Quality Indicator
PQS Power Quotation System
PQVC People, Quality, Velocity, Cost
PR Purchase Requisition
PRC Production Readiness Criteria
PRCM Programmable Relay Control Module
PRDB Product Reference Database
PRDR Product Reference Database
PRECOMB Precombustion
PRED Predictive Engineer
PRESS Pressure
PRF Purchase Requisition Form
PRIDE Peers Recognising Individual’s Direct Efforts
PRIDE Product Reliability Improvement Definition Effort
PRIME Pre-Injection Metering
PRIMEs Primary
PRIP Product Reliability Improvement Potential
PRL Piston Ring Liner
PRM Product Reliability Monitoring
PROCMT Procure
PROCMT Procurement
PRO/E Pro/Engineer
PRO/PDM Parametric Design Manager
PROM Project Meeting
PROS Predictive Reliability Operations Services
PROSPECT Possibility of On-Site Power Economic Test
PROT Protective
PRR Product Return Request
PRS Polski Rejestr Statkow
PRV Pre Rotation Valve
PRWB Product Release Workbench
PS&EC Product Safety & Environmental Control
PS Postscript
PS Product Services
PSA Part Stock Authorisation
PSA Product Support Agreement
PSA Power Systems Associates
PSA Purchase Services Agreement
PSAP Product Support Activity Plan
PSC Post Sales Credits
PSD Power Spectral Density
PSD Power Systems Distributors
PSD Prevent Significant Deterioration
PSD Product Support Division
PSE Project Support Engineer
PSEL Perkins Shibaura Engines Limited
PSG Pressure Compensated Simple Gov. (Woodward)
PSI Pounds per Square Inch
PSIA Pounds Per Square Inch – Absolute
PSIA Absolute Pressure
PSID Parts and Service Information Division
PSID Pounds per Square Inch Difference
PSIG Pounds Per Square Inch – Gauge
PSM Product Structure Matrix
PSMD Power Systems Marketing Division
PSNA Power Systems North America
PSO Part Shipping Order
PSO Pension Schemes Office
PSO Power System Operation
PSOMS Product Support Opportunity Management System
PSOPS Product Supply Operations
PSORM Product Supply Operations Review Meeting
PSP Problem Solving Process
PSP Product Support Program
PSPD Product Source Planning Department
PSPS Program Software Programming System
PSPS Product Software Programming System
PSQ Product Support Quotation
PSR Parts Stock Recommendation
PSR Product Support Repository
PSS Project Scheduling System
PSSR Parts & Service Sales Representative
PSSR Product Support Service Representative
PSt Property Sheet Tool
PSTR Power Steering
PT Exhaust Particulates
PT Potential Transformer
PT Point
PT Pressure Time
PTA Product Test Analysis
PTC Parametric Technology Corporation
PTC Perkins Technology Consultancy
PTD Permanent Total Disability
PTE Purchasing Traffic Europe
PTeC Perkins Technology Consultancy
PTHD Pipe Thread
PTL Perkins Test Lab
PTMI Perkins Technical Marketing Information
PTNR P.T. Natra Raya; Manufacturing joint venture in Jakarta Indonesia
PTO Power Take Off Point
PTO Power Take Off
PTOP Product Engineering Operating Procedures (Perkins Technology)
PTOP Product Improvement Program
PTOPS Perkins Technology Operating Procedures
PTOS Product Tracking & Opportunity System
PTS Part Throttle Shifting
PTWO Perkins Technology Works Order
PUP Paste Up
PV Production Validation
PVR Product Variant Request
PWAF Plant With A Future.
PWM Pulse Width Modulated
PWO Parts Work Order
PWR Power
Acronyms: Q Listing
Q1 Perkins Financial Accounting – Quarter
Q&PMR Quality and Performance Management Review
Q&RGO Quality and Reliability General Offices
Q1 Quality is Job 1
QA Quality Assurance
QAR Quality Alert Recommendation
QC Quality Control
QC NOTE Quality Control Reject Note
QCDP Quality, Cost, Delivery, People
QCIR Quality control Inspection Report
QCLDM Quality Cost Logistics Development Management
QCP Quality Control Procedure
QCO Quick Change Over
QE Quality Engineering
QFA Quality Focus Area
QFD Quality Function Deployment
QIR Quality Improvement Request
QIR Quality Inspection Report
QIS Quality Information System
QLF Quality Loss Function
QMF Query Management Facility
QMS Quality Management System
QNET Quality Network
QPR Quality Problem Report
QR&R Quarterly Review and Reports
QRWB Quality and Reliability Work Bench
QS Quality Standards
QS Quality Specialist
QSC Quality System Control
QSC Quality Services – Corporate
QSI Quality System International
QSO Qualified Sales Option
QTTD Quantity
QUIC QUAC Quick Response Quality Action Report
QWS Quote Writer System
Acronyms: R Listing
R&D Research and Development
R&E Research and Engineering
R&I Removal and Install
R&R Roles and Responsibilities
R/A Rocker Arm
R/F Radio Frequency
RAAT Record Accuracy & Audit Trail
RAC Road Analysis Control (Software)
RACT Reasonable Available Control Technology
RAD Radiator
RAD Role Activity Diagram
RAID Risk And Impact Detail
RAM Random Access Memory
RAM Real-time Analysis Manager
RAM Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
RAN Remote Annunciator
RAP Round About Plan
RAS Rectification Approval Sheets
RASTAR Electronic system used to access engineering prints
RBF Repair Before Failure
RBIPS Retirement Benefits and Payment System
RBM Rolling Business Management
RBM Rolling Business Model
RBOM Repair Bill Of Materials
RBT Rotating Bushing Track
RCC Rear Cable Control
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System
RDC Regional Distribution Centre (Parts Depot)
RDM Relay Driver Module
REDI Research and Engineering Document Inquiry
REDG Reducing
REINF Reinforcement
REG Regulation
REG Regulator
REL Release
REMAN Remanufactured
REPL Replacement
REQD Required
RES Resistor
RET Retainer
REV Reverse
RF Radio Frequency
RFE Request for Estimate
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFI Request For Investment
RFM Rental Fleet Management
RFQ Request For Quotation
RFT Request For Tooling
RH Right Hand
RIF Recordabel Injury Frequency
RIF Reduction In Force
RINA Registro Italiano Navale
RIS Regional Information Centre
RLR Roller
RMA Return Material Authorisation
RMDA Records Management & Document Access
RMA Return Material Authorisation
RMDS Report Management Distribution System
RMF Resource Management Facility
RMN Remanufactured Parts Information
RMS Receivable Management System
RMS Root Mean Square
RN Replacement Notice
RNB Received Not Billed
ROA Return on Assets
ROG Reactive Organic Gases
ROI Return on Investment
ROIC Return on Invested Capital
ROIP Rate of Injection Parameter
ROM Read Only Memory
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude
ROP Repair Opportunity Planner
ROPS Roll over Safety Protection Structure
ROPS Rollover Protection System
ROSS Retard on State
ROSS RIC Open Systems Storage
ROT Rotating, Rotation
RPA Returned Parts Analysis
RPAC Rapid Prototyping for Automatic Controls
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPCV Rail Pressure Control Valve (HEUI)
RPE Repair Process Engineering
RPI Repair Process Integration
RPIR Request for Product Improvement Request
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RPM Risk Priority Management
RPN Risk Priority Number
RPPI Replacement Parts Protection Instruction
RPS Rhythm Production Scheduler
RPTO Rear Power Take Off
RR Rear
RR Run Relay
RRCN Receiving Report Correction Notice
RS Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
RSM Regional Sales Manager
RSSM Request to Scrap Surplus Material
RTC Real Time Clock
RTC Regional Translation Centre
RTD Resistance Temperature Device
RTF Rich Text Format
RTL Recommended Tool Program
RTR Rent-To-Rent
RTRF Rear Track Roller Frame
RTS Ready to Ship
RTS Return to Workshop (Crusader)
RTPSE Road to Product Support Excellence
RTV Room Temperature Vulcanizing
RTW Return to Work
RWA Reliability Warranty Analysis
RWAC Raw Water After Cooled
Acronyms: S Listing
S Short Reach
S&L Sealed and Lubricated
S&OP Sales and Operations Planning
S&DP Systems and Processes Division
S&R Standards and Regulations
S/COS Sales/Cost of Sales
S/N Serial Number
S/O Side Out – Exhausts
S/O Shut-Off
S/T Speed Timing (Sensor)
S/S Single Strength
S/W Software
SA Sound Attenuated
SAAR Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate
SAC Side Apron Construction
SAC Stanadyne Automotive Corp
SAD Service Application Data
SAE American Industry Standards
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAF Safety
SAI Strategic Areas of Improvements
SAP Systems Application Products in Data Processing
SAP CRM SAP Customer Relationship Management
SAP ISA SAP Internet Sales Application
SAP R3 SAP Logistic System
SAPI SAP Instruction
SAS Start Aid Switch
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SBMF Swept Blade Mixed Flow
SBS EIS Strategic and Business Services European Information Services
SC Significant Characteristics
SCAC Separate Circuit Aftercooler
SCAF Self Cleaning Air Filter
SCAR Supplier Corrective Action Request
SCF Supplier Concession Form
SCFS Scroll Fuel System
SCLIN Sub Contractors Line Item Number
SCM Shin-Caterpillar-Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan
SCM Status Control Module
SCM Supply Chain Management
SCOF Sales Capacity Order Fulfilment
SCORE Sales Configuration Owner Report System
SCP Suggested Customer Price
SCR Scarifier
SCR Selective Catalyst Reduction
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCR Standard Cost Revision
SCTE Single Cylinder Test Engine
SD Sustainable Development
SDC Software Distribution Centre
SDC Sound Design Centre
SDCR Supplier Design Change Request
SDD Software Design Document
SDE Supplier Development Engineer
SDEC Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.
SDM Solenoid Driver Module
SDRLs Subcontract Data Requirements List
SDS Sound Deadened Steel
SDS Supplier Data Sheet
SE Self Excited
SE Starting Engine
SEA Selective Enforcement Audit
SEA Statistical Energy Analysis
SEAR Simultaneous Engineering Amendment Record
SEC Secondary
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SEGM Segmented
SEGO Service Engineering General Office
SEMI-F Semi-finished
SEP Sales Effectiveness Process
SEP Small Engine Product
SEP PARTS Separate Parts
SER Special Engineering Request
SERR Special Engine Rating Request
SERV Serviced
SERV Service Fitter
Service Magazine Provides notification of improvements and changes to parts and products
Service Manual All literature {minus Parts Manuals} for a machine
SF Single Flange
SFC Specific Fuel Consumption
SFLG Single Flange
SFM Sales Funnel Management
SFMO Sales Force Mobile Office
SG Small Governor
SG&A Selling General & Administrative
SGI Spheroidal Graphite Iron
SGML Standard Generalised Mark-up Language
SHM Service Hour Meter
SHP Shipment PINS
SI Spark Ignited
SI Special Instructions
SIBI Calculate Pension Benefits
SICC Shanxi International Casting Company Ltd
SICS Sales Information Collector Systems
SID Service Information Division
SID Split Injection Device
SID System Identification
SIFT Secure Internet File Transfer
SIL Systems Integration Lab
SIMS Service Information Management System
SINA Spark Ignited Naturally Aspirated
SIP Seat Index Point
SIP Share/Stock Investment Plan
SIP Strategic Improvement Process
SIP Strategic Improvement Project
SIP Supplier Integration Program
SIPOC Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customer
SIR Supplier Inspection Report
SIRS Service Information Retrieval System
SIS Service Information System
SIS-J Japanese version of SIS implemented and owned by SCM
SISP Strategic Information Systems Planning
SIT State Income Tax
SITA Spark Ignited Turbocharged After cooled
SK Sketch
SKVA Starting Kilovolt Amps
SL Service Level
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLC Super Line Charged
SLHD Slotted Head
SLID Sliding
SLIS Stock Level Information Sheet
SLO Service Level Objective
SLP Shared Leadership Position
SM Service Machine
SM/TEN Service Magazine/Truck Engine News
SMA Special Machine Arrangement
SMART Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound
SMART Specific Measurable Action-oriented Realistic and Time-and-resource-constrained
SMART Supplier Management And Reporting Tool
SMC Sheet Moulding Compound
SMCS Service Management Control System
SME Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMFS Sleeve Metering Fuel System
SMH Service Meter Hours
SMP Service Management Professional
SMR Starter Motor Relay
SMS System Management Software
SMTE Supplier Management and Traffic Europe
SMU Service Meter Units (Miles/Hours)
SN Serial Number
SNA System Network Architecture
SNRT Super Nox Reduction Technology (92% efficiency)
SO Sales Order
SO Standing Order
SOA Strategic Opportunity Assessment
SOA Sales Order Amendment
SOC Start of Current
SOC Suggested Objective Cost
SOC Strategy, Objectives and Constraints
SOC Suggested Objective cost
SOD Sales Order Division
SOD Segregation Of Duties
SODA Service Operations Development & Assessment
SODB Shipping and Order Database
SOF Soluble Organic Fractions
SOFT Software Engineer
SOHC Single Overhead Camshaft
SOI Sales Order Instruction
SOI Start of Ignition
SOI Start of Injection
SOL Start on line
SOL Genset Start on Line Date
SOLAS Safety of Life At Sea
SOLSOI Start of Injection to Start of Logic
SOMA Site Operations and Maintenance Advisor
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOS Schedule Oil Sampling
SOS Shop Operating System
SOS Source of Supply
SoW Statement of Work
SP Service Pack
SPAM Sales Project Approval Meeting
SPAR Special Price Assistance Request
SPC Service Program Code
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPC Strategic Planning Committee
SPeC Specifications module
SPES Sales Project Engine Specification
SPET Sales Project Engine Team
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface
SPI Similar Parts Index
SPI Service & Parts Information
SPICE Supplier Price Increase Cost Evaluation
SPIFF Special Pricing Incentive For Fleets
SPL Special
SPL Similar Parts List
SPM Service Program Module
SPMS Service Problem Management System
SPN Standard Part Name
SPN Significant Part Number
SPN Suspect Parameter Number
SPO Standard Product Outline
SPOC Single Point of Contact
SPPS Set Point Peak Shaving
SPQ Supplier Production Quality
SPQ Supply & Production Quality
SPR Sprocket
SPS Select Performance Strategy
SPT Support
SQ Square
SQA Supplier Quality Assurance
SQCF Supply Quality Concern Form
SQE Supplier Quality Engineer
SQI Supplier Quality Improvement
SQL Supplier Quality Liaison
SQP Solutions Quality Plan
SQS Supplier Quality Standard
SRA Stock Record Audit
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SRC Strategic Review Conference
SRCR Statically Regulated Controlled Rectifier
SRCV Self Regulated Constant Voltage
SRD Software Requirement Document
SRI Stock Record Inventory
SRM Supplier Relationship Management
SRS System Requirement Specification
SS Semi-Standards
SSD Service Support Department
SSG Machine Shipments/Sales/Inventory
SSI Shipments, Sales & Inventory
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSL Skid Steer Loader
SSMAR Stock Status Material Availability Request
SSOB Single Story Office Block
SSOEM Self Supporting Original Equipment Manufacturer
SSS Start -Stop Switch
SST Stainless Steel
ST SCAN Tool (Digital Diagnostic Tool)
STA Series Turbo After cooled
STAT Stationary
STATS Prints of line art that are to OMMs and Service Manual Modules
Stage 1 Off highway emissions legislation
Stage 2 Off highway emissions legislation
Stage 3 Off highway emissions legislation
Stage 4 Off highway emissions legislation
STB Switch To Battery
STD Short Term Disability
STDB Standards Table Database
STER Steering
STERCL Steering Clutch
STEX Small Track Excavators
STD Standard
STD G Standard Group
STG Switch To Ground
STIC Steering Transmission Integrated Control
STIP Short Term Incentive Plan
STLE Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
STMG Service Training Meeting Guide
STOR Store man
STOR Straight Thread O-Ring
STP Software Test Plan
STR Strainer
STTT Small Track-Type Tractors
STW Service Technician Workbench
SUB Subsoiler
SUB Supplemental Unemployment Benefits
SUC Suction
SUG Software Users Guide
SUTA State Unemployment Tax Act
SUP Supplementary
SUPR Suppressor
SUSP Suspension
SVC Standard Variable Cost
SVR Solutions Variant Request
SVS Single Virtual Storage
SW Switch
SWAC Sea Water After cooling
SWIP Standard Work-In-Process
SWL Small Wheel Loader
SWO Special Work Order
SWO (IT) Special Work Order (IT Software System)
SWOSS Standard Work Order Segmentation System
SWOT Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat
SYS System
Acronyms: T Listing
T Tooth / Teeth
T&D Test and Development
T&E Test and Evaluation
T/C Turbocharger
T/L Solutions Order Time-Line
T/S Trouble Shooting
TA Temporary Allocation
TA Temporary Alteration
TA Turbo Aftercooled
TACH Tachometer
TAM Trend Analysis Module
TAMS Track Adjustment Management System
TAN Technical Advice Note
TAN Total Acid Number
TAO Totally Automated Office
TB Turnbuckle
TBA To be Advised
TBC Thermal Barrier Coating
TBD To Be Determined
TBN Total Base Number
TBU Torque Backup
TBU Transmission Business Unit
TC Technical Centre
TC Technical Communicator
TC Torque Converter
TC Top Centre
TCAA Total Cost Achievement Activity
TcEng Teamcenter Engineering
TcEnt Teamcenter Enterprise
TCDP Technician Career Development Program
TCO Take Care Of
TCO Torque Converter Output
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCS Traction Control System
TD Technical Data
TD Time Delay
TD sheet Technical Data Sheet
TDC Top Dead Centre
TDI Technical Data Interchange
TDM Top Down Modelling
TDR Transient Data Recorder
TDS Test Data System
TDTO Transmission/Drive train Oil
TE Truck Engine News
TEAM Truck Engine Account Manager
TEBM Truck Engine Business Manager – Dealer Employee
TECH Facilities Technician
TECH DOC Service Manual Modules
TED Total Estimate Demand
TEDM Truck Engine District Manager – CAT Emp.
TEG Technical Engineering Guideline
TEHC Total Electronic Hystat Control
TEM Technical Engineering Manager
TEMP Targeted Engine Marketing Plan
TEMP Temperature
TEN Truck Engine News
TEN EN Truck Engine News Engine News
TEOC Truck Engine Owner/s Club
TEPS Truck Eng. Parts & Service or Total Eng. Product Support
TERM Truck Engine Regional Manager
TEST Testers
TFR Transfer
TH Telehandler.
TH Telescopic Handler
THC Total Hydro Carbons
THD Thread
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
THTC Tanaja Hills Training Centre
THR Thrust
TFM Track Forest Machines
TFF Tropical Forest Foundation
TI Test Instructions
TI Turbo Intercooled
TIB Technical Information Bulletin
TIC Technical Information Centre
TIC Team Item Catalogue
TID Technical Information Division
TID Technical Information Department
TIF Technical Information File
TIFF/G4 Tagged Imaged File Format/CCITT Group 4 (a FAX Format)
TIGHT Tightener
TILT Tilting
TIM Technical Instruction Module
TIM Tool Integration Module
TIPPS The Integrated Perkins Service System
TIPPS-EST The Integrated Parts and Service System – Electronic Service Tool
TIPSS The Integrated Parts and Service System
TIR Total Indicator Reading or Tech. Information Release
TIS Traffic Information System
TL Triple Lift
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TLS Torque Level Sensor
TM&R Total Maintenance and Repair
TMI Technical Marketing Information
TMIS Tool Marketing Information System
TML Trademark Merchandise Licensing
TMO Turbo Machinery Operations
TMR Test Material Request
TMS Talent Management System
TMS Transmission Multi-Season
TMSN Transmission
TMT Translation Memory Tool
TN Training Needs Analysis
TNI Trouble Not Identified
TOA Truck Operations Analysis
TOC Table of Contents
TOM Total Opportunity Manager
TOPP Truck Owners Protection Plan
TOPRS Terminal Oriented Production Routing System
TOPS Tip-Over Protective Structure
TOR Torque
TOS Technical Objective Sheet
TOS Transmission Output Speed
TOWS Tool Order Writing System
TP Test Procedure (as used by PTECH)
TP Third Party (consultancy report)
TP Transfer Price (as used by PSEL)
TPA Truck Performance Analysis
TPC Total Plant Cost
TPCC Total Profit Centre Cost
TPD Transformation Process Division
TPG Technical Partsgram
TPG Tucson Proving Ground
TPL Temporary Parts List
TPM Total Productive Maintenance
TPMS Truck Payload Measurement System
TPN Temporary Parts Number
TPS Throttle Position Sensor
TPU Tentative Production Usage
TQ Total Quality
TQEMC Total Quality Environment Management Committee
TQM Total Quality Management
TQP Total Quality Project
TR Technical Report
TR Test Requests
TR Transient Response
TRAPS Track Shoe Production Scheduling
TRD Technical Resources Department
TRF Track Roller Frame
TRG Time Requirement Guide
TRIMS Tool Room Information Management System
TRPC Transaction Remote Procedure Call
TRUN Trunnion
T&SD Technology & Solutions Division
TS&D Technical Services & Development
TSC Technical Support Centre
TSD Technical Services Division
TSD Technology & Solutions Division
TSG Technical Support Group
TSK Track Skidder
TSMP Targeted Segment Marketing Planning
TSO Test Strategy Options
TSO Test Strategy Options.
TSO Time Sharing Options
TSODB Temporary Shipping And Orders Database
TSUP Technical Support (Project Office)
TTD Total Temporary Disability
TTL Tight Top Land (Piston)
TTL Track-type Loader
TTRT Top of Top Right Travel
TTT Track Type Tractor
TTTD Track Type Tractors Division
TUF The Universal Frameworks
TUV German Homologation Regulatory group.
TVA Torsional Vibration Analysis
TVF Tooling Validation Form
TWI The Welding Institute
TWOV Transit Without Visa
Acronyms: U Listing
U Upper
U/B Unit of Base
U/C Undercarriage
U/CTR Undercarriage Test Rig
U-JOINT Universal Joint
UCC Uniform Commercial Code
UG Universal Governor
UGC Uniform Group Classification
UMIST University of Machester Institute of Science and Technolog
UNF Unified Fine Thread
UNIV Universal
UI Unemployment Tax
UID Unity Identifiers
UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service
UOM Unit of Measure
UP Upper
UPS Uninterrupted Power Source
URL Uniform Resource Locator
URL Universal Resource Locator
US Undersize
USB Universal Serial Bus
USDN U.S. Dealer Net
USEPA United States Environmental Protective Agency
USS United States Standard
UTEPP Used Truck Engine Protection Plan
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
Acronyms: V Listing
V Valve
V Volt
V/O Ventricle Out – Exhausts
V/H Volts per Hertz
VA Vatican City State
VA Veterans Administration
VA Virgina
VA Virtual Address
VAC Volts Alternating Current
VAR Volt Ampere Reactive
VAT Value Added Tax
VCM Versatile Control Module
VCTC Variable Clutch torque Converter
VEHR Very Early Hour Reliability
VBAT Machine Battery Voltage
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFM Virtual File Management  (the implementation of JT format, lightweight 3D models, into Teamcentre)
VFR Vicarage Farm Road
VFS Variable Flotation System
VGT Variable geometry turbo
VI Viscosity Index
VICCCI Vision Intuition Courage Commitment and Continuous Improvement
VIDS Vital Information Display System
VIMS Vital Information Management System
VISTA View to the future
VIPER Virtual Integration of People Equipment and Resources
VM Volatile Memory
VM Virtual Manufacturing
VMIS Vehicle Monitoring Information System
VoB Voice of the Business
VoC Voice of the Customer
VOM Volt-Ohm-Meter
VOP Valve Opening Pressure
VOR Vehicle Off Road
VP Virtual Prototyping
VP Volvo Penta
VPAT Variable Pitch Power Angle and Tilt
VPD Virtual Product Development
VPG Virtual Proving Ground
VPL Virtual Prototyping Lab
VPL Visual Prototype Lab
VPP Virtual Process Plannning (a process of shop planning using Team Center Manufacturing)
VR Virtual Reality
VR Voltage Regulator
VSA Variability Simulation Analysis.
VSL Vehicle Speed Limit
VSM Value Stream Map
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
VST Value Stream Transformations
VT Voltage Transformer
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VZ Vision Zero (safety initiative)
Acronyms: W X Y Z Listing
W Watt
W With
W/O Without
W/P Water Pump
WAE Wagner Asia Equipment
WAN Wide Area Network
WAR Weekly Activity Report
WATK Weibull Analysis Toolkit
WAVS Work Area Vision System (basically a rear view camera for machines)
WBL Work Based Learning
WBT Web Based Training
WC Water Cooled
WCC West Coast Cab
WCM Web Content Management
WCIC World-wide Centralized Inventory Control
WDWRD Woodward Governor
WECAP WEB Enabled Cataloguing And Procurement
WELD Welder
WEX Wheeled Excavator
WFS Wire Feed Speed
WHA Waste Handling Arrangement
WHAM Wiebul Hazard Analysis Method
WHL Wheeled Loader
WHP Wheel HP
WI Welding Instruction
WI Work Instruction
WIIS Warehouse Inventory/Information System
WIP Work In Progress
WL Wheel Loader
WLED Wheel Loader and Excavators Division
WMF Windows Meta File
WMS Warehouse Management System
WO Works Order
WOD Works Order Discrepancy
WoE West of England
WOI Works Order Instruction
WOIS Work Order Issue System
WSA World Sales Analysis
WSK Wheel Skidder
WSU World Source and User
WT Water Temperature
WT Wedge Types
WT Whole Tree
WT Work Tool
WTL Wheel Tractor Loader
WTO World Trade Organisation
WTS Wheel Tractor Scraper
WTS Windows Terminal Server
WWW World Wide Web
WYSIWYG What you See Is What You Get
XL Extended (Long) Undercarriage
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMSN Transmission
XPS X-Ray induced Photoelectron Spectroscopy
XQ Extra Quiet
XR Extended Undercarriage
XW Extra Wide
Y2K Year 2000
Z Zenith
Z Zero
ZC Formely China Classification Society (CCS)
ZOMR Order Management Report (General orders reporting tool)
ZSTOCK Stock Order Transactions (Stock Ordering Tool)
ZWIP Zero Warehouse Inventory Program

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