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Aftermarket Caterpillar® Replacement Pumps and Parts
Metaris offers a broad range of piston and vane pumps for Caterpillar® applications – along with hundreds of hydraulic components including rotary groups, lens plates, pistons, yokes, shafts, etc.
Totally interchangeable, quality engineered with very competitive prices has made Metaris a leading world supplier of aftermarket pumps and components.

Metaris, Inc.

101 Canarctic Dr.,
Toronto, Ontario, CA M3J 2N7

Toll Free: 1-888-477-2737
Phone: 416-638-6000
Fax: 416-638-9365

Metaris, Corp.

1519 Hwy. 35 North
Forest, MS 39074

Toll Free: 1-800-962-2703
Phone: 601-469-1987
Fax: 601-469-2120


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