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Implementing Technology into a Culture of Safety

by Todd Dawson, Caterpillar Fatigue Practice Manager

A major hurdle in managing fatigue and distraction is that it is often difficult to see and measure. With the advent of new fatigue detection technologies, we now have direct line of sight into the scale and source of fatigue in an operation. In-vehicle alert systems can wake a sleepy driver before an imminent crash. Data from an actigraphy band can tell you when your employees are best fit for duty. However, implementing new technologies designed to detect and predict fatigue without a thoughtful change management plan is certain to deliver less than desirable results.

Caterpillar’s Fatigue Practice Manager Todd Dawson, a fatigue science expert with 20 years of experience building Fatigue Risk Management Systems, will explain a systematic approach for successful implementation of risk-mitigating technologies.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the sources of fatigue
2. Explore available fatigue technologies
3. Understand the key aspects of effective implementation of fatigue technology
4. Recognize the benefits of properly managing the change

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