C8.7 High Performance Propulsion Engine by FPT Italy

The C8.7’s sophisticated fuel delivery system allows the use of a radial, belt-driven supercharger in addition to the conventional turbocharger; this feature eliminates smoke and reduces lugging, while delivering phenomenal low-end torque and impressive fuel economy. .

FPT ( Fiat Powertrain Technologies) Industrial’s advancements in second-generation common rail fuel injection systems paired with an innovative air management system allows the compact C8.7 to develop an impressive 650 mhp @ 2300 rpm while meeting EPA Tier 3, IMO II, and CCNR Stage II emissions requirements.

Caterpillar Incorporated and FPT Industrial S.p.A. announce an agreement in the field of marine pleasure craft engines. According to the new agreement, combining the vast marine know-how of Caterpillar and the leading edge technology of FPT Industrial, the new Cat C8.7 and Cat C12.9, with a displacement of 8.7 and 12.9 liters respectively, will offer yacht manufacturers a broad array of horsepower ratings ranging from 650 to 1000 mhp. In order to meet customers’ unique requirements, each engine will be offered in several different configurations; all will conform to Tier 3 emissions regulations.

Caterpillar has been a mainstay in marine propulsion for over seventy years, while FPT Industrial is a firm that can trace its roots back to the turn of the twentieth century. The new venture between the two revered engine manufacturers will provide unmatched value to customers, beginning with the sophisticated design of the engines, continuing with the ease of installation, and culminating with the serviceability of the new power plants. FPT Industrial’s latest technological developments include implementing second-generation common rail fuel injection and advanced and innovative air handling techniques which together allow an extremely high power density and generous amounts of low-end torque. The new engines’ compact envelope creates a myriad of new possibilities, all of which result in remarkable performance gains. For example, a pair of the new 1000 mhp engines can now be installed in a hull design which previously was limited with size constraints to engines of a much lower rating. Servicing of the new engines is straightforward thanks to right- or left-hand service options, and of course the new product is backed by Caterpillar’s world renowned dealership network.

The pairing of the two diesel engine manufacturers seems to be the perfect match– FPT’s innovations and developments combined with Caterpillar’s vast marine experience and global dealer presence will grant customers fuel efficiency while at the same time providing best-in-class power, torque, and load response.

List price: C8.7 650MHP ………………………………. $ 55,000
ENGINE RATING: 478 bkW (641 BHP) at 2300 rpm “E” rating
REQUIRES: MARINE HI PERFORMANCE “E” RATING (MARINEE)Engine ratings can be ordered with IMO II certifications
by Germanischer Lloyd. These certifications include serial number
specific technical files certified by Germanischer Lloyd and a
Germanischer Lloyd Statement of Compliance or an EIAPP (dependant
on status of flag state and its signatory status with IMO).

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