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Somaloy Tecnology

Applications D_bro
Somaloy Technology is the Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) concept brand from Höganäs. The key concept is to produce components with 3D magnetic properties by pressing Somaloy powder to desired shape. Somaloy materials are composed of surface-insulated iron powder particles, which in one single step can be compacted to form components with complex shapes and tight tolerances.
Component manufacturing is based on the globally established, low cost powder metallurgy (PM) method. It is the 3D magnetic properties and the net shaping capabilities of Somaloy materials that open up new opportunities to design compact, light and cost-efficient solutions. Cost reduction can be obtained by reducing the total raw material cost as well as more efficient manufacturing and assembly. Somaloy technology meets future demands on efficiency, cost, performance and recyclability – in short a technology for the future!

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